5 Signs The Angels Are Near

5 Signs The Angels Are Near

2/8/2018, 5:0 PM
Did you call on the angels and need to know if they heard you? Look for these signs.

There are several 'standard' signs that angels use to let you know they are in your presence and have heard your prayers. Have you seen any of these?

The angels come when you call - when you are lonely and need support, when you've prayed to find an answer to your dilemma, when you've requested help choosing the right partner.

I know how corny that sounds. Believe me! I was once a little skeptical, myself, but I have see far too much evidence (synchronicity, coincidence, whatever you want to call it) to discount the fact that the angels DO come when you need them to the most.

What signs can you look for after you ask the angels to help you? I'll tell you about a few now.

1)  The number, 444.

This is one that comes up for me often, especially when I am driving. I've been thinking about different things, like content for angel based courses I was creating or when I was really sad because one of my children was in the hospital and I felt all alone... I looked up and saw the license plate in front of me showing the number, 444.

444 is THE angel number, the one people associate with angels and consider to be a sign. Of course, many of the repetitive numbers can be signs from angels. You can read more about repetitive numbers and their meanings here. Repetitive Numbers


2)  Feathers.

One of the most obvious and ultimate signs your Angels are with you is finding a feather. Coming across a feather or finding a feather in an unexpected place can be interpreted as a message from the Angels. Your Angels will use feathers to comfort you when you need it most. Feathers can also provide clues to unanswered questions you have been struggling to resolve, or even a message to tell you you’re on the correct path. 


3)  Sparks of light.

This phenomena is definitely interesting. Many people experience visits from angels or can actually see a little spark of angelic energy. Different colors correspond to different angels. For example, a cobalt blue spark is a sign of Archangel Michael, while a green spark could be associated with Archangel Raphael. Archangel Ariel is often tied to the color, red and Archangel Uriel to yellow. White and gold sparks are often associated with a person's guardian angel.


4)  Coins.

Coins are often seen as signs that come from the Spirit world, and are often associated with the angels. If you have been thinking about financial difficulties or praying for relief, finding a coin in your path can indicate that the angels have heard you and are working on finding solutions for you.


5)  Music.

Some report hearing choirs of angels singing or hearing music coming from no where. When angels are around you, you might suddenly pick up on mysterious music that doesn't seem to have an origin, or you might hear a song that talks about angels or reminds you of a loved one. If you commonly receive messages through sound or music, this sign might be especially pertinent to you.

Of course, there are other signs that the angels are around, like seeing angels in pictures, seeing the word Angel on a building or billboard, or even seeing clouds that look like angels. I often get a general sense of peace and calm right when I call on the angels and that helps me to know they are there for me, comforting me in my time of need.

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