Givers Need To Set Limits Because Takers Rarely Do

Frustrated by over-giving? Set limits.

Ugh. Many of us know how frustrating it can be to be a giver. You give and give and give some more...

Givers have to set limits because takers rarely do. Irma Kurtz definitely nailed the primary frustration that many people face: We give and give, and are loathe to set boundaries for a number of different reasons - usually related to self-worth and people pleasing tendencies.

But we Givers need to learn to set boundaries. We need to learn to say no and stick to it. We need to learn to put a limit on what it is we will give, in terms of time, energy, and support so that we actually have something left for ourselves.

So, start learning to set boundaries today. It will likely be extremely uncomfortable at first. You might even try to back away from your boundaries. And you might lose some "friends" who were only there for what you had to give, not for any mutual benefit. That's OK.

If you need help setting boundaries or sticking to them, talk with one of our life coaches today. You might talk to Susan Ellis-Saller or Dsandra about saying NO and learning to set limits.

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