How To Find True Love

Finding love can be a journey.

Finding your soul mate can be a journey. There are some things that you should know if you are on a quest for "the One." Make sure you keep your feet on the ground when you are falling head over heels!

When somebody shows you a little bit of attention, it can make you feel flattered and excited just knowing that you are still attractive and interesting to others. It can take you on a journey that you hadn’t thought was possible, as you are swept off your feet in a whirlwind of romance and charm.

However, falling in love so quickly can have its negative points along with the positive ones. Get a love reading from Miss Caz

If you already know the person you are falling for -  perhaps you are good friend - there is a chance that a failed romantic relationship would put your friendship at risk.

Another thing to think about, if you do not know anything about the person you are attracted to is taking that person as you find them, trusting every word they say, without knowing if they are speaking the truth.

Putting these negative points to the side, it is such an exciting time when you are on the receiving end of love and attention from another individual.  Enjoy those early days when you are spending time in each other’s company and getting know one another.

A key factor in finding true love or looking for your soul mate is not to have to high of expectations. Then you won’t be disappointed if things don't work out exactly as you had imagined them. Relax your mind and keep your heart open to the idea of love and the opportunities that it brings to you.

Keeping your heart open to love and what it has got to offer is the key to finding happiness.

However, the heart is a very fragile organ, easily broken when things go wrong in a relationship.

When a person is in a relationship, effort must be mutually given and the partnership be a two sided connection. Do not make the mistake of being the only one who puts in the effort or does all the running. This will certainly lead to a breakdown (and breakup) in the future.

Trusting your own natural instincts is very important, too. If you feel that something is wrong, or just doesn’t ring true in your mind, then do not sit back and idly do nothing. Look a little deeper into the questionand show that you will not simply lie down and accept everything you are told.

Never stay in a relationship that is clearly not working. It will not improve. Never make excuses for the negative behaviour of another towards you, or convince yourself you are staying for all the right reasons.  If it doesn’t feel right, finish it sooner rather than later.

It is always better to be on your own for a little while and be happy than to be in a relationship that is not working, and which is making you feel unhappy and miserable.

Make sure, however, that you don't look for problems that do not exist. If a relationship is going well, and you feel a close and special chemistry with the person you are with and it just feels right in your heart and mind, welcome and embrace the moment.

Remember, in order for somebody else to love and respect you..

You must first love and respect yourself.

Love and Light x

Miss Caz, your love advisor.

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