July Tarotscopes

What do the cards show happening for you in the month of July? Read on!

Morgan, from The Ride Readings, has pulled cards from the Fairy Tarot deck by Doreen Virtue and the Magic and Manifestation Oracle deck from Cristina Re to show what each of the zodiac signs can expect in the month of July.

Morgan from The Ride Readings used Doreen Virtue's Fairy Tarot (published by Hay Hay House) and the Magic and Manifestation Affirmations Deck from Cristina Re for this month's Tarotscope Readings!

What does this month have in store for you? Read on!



Cards drawn: 5 of Spring and Creativity

This is a good month to get to work on your creative projects. You may start off this month feeling a little stuck and in conflict with those around you. You will have to defend your projects and your opinions more robustly this month. That being said, you are up to the challenge. Get clear on what does and doesn’t matter to you, and don’t let anyone push those boundaries.


Cards drawn: 7 of Winter and Friendship

It is time to stop lying to yourself and move away from something that is no longer serving you. As you grow closer to your life’s purpose, those so-called friends who don’t support you will need to fall away. This is a good month to release all that is no longer in alignment with your soul. Rely on your friends who do support you unconditionally. The more you commit to your high standards, the more your tribe will reflect the same shininess.



Cards drawn: The Wheel and Loyalty

Your loyalty is paying off big time this month. Whether you’ve been sticking around at a job through a tough period, or you’ve just been committed to your higher self, you will reap the benefits this month. Pay attention to any lucky “coincidences”, because they are actually messages from the Universe, aiding you on your path.  Don’t just ride the wave of good fortune, create plans and roots during this time to aid you during any future challenges.



Cards drawn: The Magician and Pride

Happy birthday, Cancer! This is a wonderful month of manifestation for you. Allow yourself to be proud of your accomplishments without any guilt, shame, or regrets. This would be a wonderful time to check in on how your last year went. What are you most proud of when you look over the past year? What can you release? Did you set goals or resolutions in the beginning of the year? Now would be a great time to check in on them and see your progress. Maybe your goals need refinement. In any case, this month the Universe is showering you with support. Take advantage of it!



Cards drawn: 6 of Spring and Loyalty

You’ve been dedicated to your life’s purpose and high standards and it will pay off this month. Maybe you’ve been going through a rough spot, but finally you will be rewarded for your loyalty, whether that’s been to your self, your job, or your family. You will be able to do it all this month and reap the karmic benefits (finally!). As a side note, as you are known to be one of the most loyal signs, make sure you are not being loyal to a fault. Set your standards and stick to them. Anyone who pushes your boundaries is not worth being loyal to. That being said, this will be a great month for you, Leo. Enjoy.




Cards drawn: Four of Spring and Happiness

July holds wonderful energy for you, Virgo. You will have a lot to celebrate this month whether that be a wedding, an event that makes your soul happy, or just plain old luck. Your relationships will soar to new heights. Enjoy the month and plant seeds of gratitude so the Universe knows you appreciate it and can continue sending you good vibes. Say thank you out loud, in your prayers, or to those who deserve it and watch your blessings grow!



Cards drawn: Five of Autumn and Messenger

I know you don’t like asking for help, Libra, but this month an auspicious messenger will arrive. You may need financial help, or just spiritual help, but help is coming your way if you accept it. It is ok to admit defeat. You are not your failures. Oftentimes, failures are just the universe course correcting for you. Listen to your intuition and dreams this month. Focus on what makes you happy. Remember that worrying is a form of prayer that brings more of that energy to you. Trust in the feelings and messages you receive this month and you will get back on track in no time.



Cards drawn: Awakening and Manifestation

It is time to take a pause and change your way of thinking. What do you truly want to manifest in your life? If you do not stop to really think through your goals the universe may throw an obstacle your way to force you to stop. So, let’s avoid that whole mess, and make a conscious effort to revisit your goals. Did you make resolutions at the beginning of the year? Do they need some dusting off or readjustment? We’re now at the midyear point. How can you make your goals happen during the backend of the year? You have the power to manifest your dreams and make magic, but first you have to release any limiting beliefs and truly believe you deserve it. Furthermore, it is time to commit to your unique self. If people think you’re “weird” forget about them. If you’re feeling lack this month, give out what you’d like to receive. Volunteer, pick up litter, or donate to charity. If you commit to your purpose this month, it will pay off handsomely in the future. Just be patient and committed.




Cards drawn: Six of Winter and Grace

You’ve been honoring your more gentle and intuitive side and it will pay off handsomely for you this month. You may have been feeling a bit off lately, but know that this month is bringing you good vibes. The clouds are parting and the sun is poking through. You may want to take a trip near water if you can swing it, even if it’s just the local lake or river. Anything that comes your way this month you will handle with grace and poise. Others will take notice of you living and flowing as your authentic self. They may even ask you for your advice! Enjoy the month. You’ll be feeling like you again, Sagittarius.



Cards drawn: Justice and Creativity

Review the details carefully of a new project you’ve undertaken, Capricorn. You may have to review a contract or legal agreement. Provided you take the extra time to review, the outcome will go in your favor. Spend the month focusing on balance. Doing something creative will help to aid your inner child during this time. Don’t forget to do something that makes your heart skip with joy whether that be painting, reading a book, writing in your journal, or going out in nature.



Cards drawn: 9 of Winter and Radiance

You may be a little bit worried this month, Aquarius. You have on the opposite of rose colored glasses. You may be worrying yourself to the point of losing sleep. Let it go, Aquarius. Things are going to be fine. Obstacles and delays are often just the Universe course correcting your life’s path for you. Sometimes hearing no is the biggest blessing you can receive. Take care of yourself. Take an Epsom salt bath, get enough sleep, and eat right. Set your boundaries for self-care and stick to them. If you can manage to do that, you will significantly lift up the “blah” energy you’re feeling and let your inner radiance shine through. Other people are affected by your aura, whether positive or not. Take care of yourself so you can have a wonderful influence on those around you.



Cards drawn: The Empress and Creativity

This month is all about giving birth to your creative projects and dreams. Make sure you are giving yourself enough spiritual and physical nourishment, as it’s very important to take care of yourself right now. Set your boundaries and stick to them. It’s ok to say no! Your creativity is going to be absolutely flowing, so take the time this month to really work on your projects. It may not be as social of a month for you, but you will plant some really good seeds that will take off for the next few months to come. As we’re at the midyear point, check in on those old New Year Resolutions. How do your goals need to be redefined and what have you accomplished? Expect to check a lot more boxes off this month. Enjoy it, Pisces!

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