What Is Voodoo? Thoughts from a Voodoo Priest

Today we'll look at how a Voodoo Priest describes Voodoo

Voodoo is an interesting and intriguing religion that is often falsely depicted by Hollywood films and TV. Today, we will get insight about what Voodoo is, from an actual authentic Voodoo Priest.

What is Voodoo?

There are many misconceptions and outright lies about
what Voodoo is or is not. Everything from the spelling and it origins
I will address in this post.

First, Voodoo is a religion, no matter how you spell it: Voodoo,
Vodun, Vodou, Vodoun, Vaudou, Vaudoux, etc.  The spelling is only
affected by the language of the people practicing.

Voodoo originated in West Africa. Voodoo is not a Haitian religion
but an African religion. Fon, Akan, Ewe, Yoruba, Igbo, and Congolese people, to name a few, are credited with
the birth of Voodoo in West Africa.

Legend says that Voodoo may have originated in the East, as far East as Ancient Egypt.

Traditional indigenous African religious systems would have been
disrupted and carried to the New World via the Middle Passage where it
was carried to South America, Central and Latin America and The
Southern United States. 


There are a few clear and distinct paths in Voodoo:

West African Voodoo
New Orleans and Louisiana voodoo.
(Louisiana Voodoo eventually migrated up the Mississippi River and
amalgamated with Christianity and other Native American and Old World
European ideas of nature  and metaphysical understanding to birth what
we now call Hoodoo. I will explain Hoodoo in detail in a future blog
Haitian Voodoo

(There also distinct path of Voodoo in Dominican Republic and Puerto
Rico often referred to as 21 Divisions.)

When you do a generic search for information on Voodoo, you will
receive synonyms like: witchcraft, magic, Black Magic, sorcery and
wizardry. None of which have anything to do with the authentic
practice of Voodoo.

Voodoo is NOT paganism, dark arts, devilry or the like.
Voodoo is one of the oldest organized Religions in the world and
exists in the realm of Animism. Animism is the belief that God/Goddess or Divinity is Universal and
therefore is present in everything on earth.

It is a practice of nature and elements, forces that work to assist
the Divine Order and Cycle of Life here on the planet.
We also acknowledge, show reverence to, and honor to the Ancestors, both
personal and communal and their ever-present influence in our lives
and existence on Mother Earth. They assist us in life, death, birth, healing, personal and community
wellness and evolution, consultation and divination, protection,
defense and manifesting of life destiny and our personal and communal
life goals.

When I am not operating in ministry associated with Voodoo, I am often
called on to represent and teach the truths about Voodoo to a modern
audience via TV, Movies, video and film and popular advertisements.
There is a clear distinction and need for both the performance aspects
of Voodoo but also a time for a new awareness and education about the
power of Voodoo as a spiritual Religion, Culture, Lifestyle and

One does not need initiate or become a practitioner of Voodoo to access
their own personal Ancestral Power and the tools Voodoo offers us.
Common services for people who access Voodoo whether initiated or not
are: Readings and Consultation, Cleansing and Purification Spiritual
Baths and Implements
and addressing for specific requested received
from clients and practitioners of the Traditions.

The use of herbs, minerals and stones,  natural organic materials and
the forces of earth and nature are commonly prescribed to address
various needs and request.

This article was written by The Divine Prince Ty Emmecca. You can contact him for a session with an authentic Voodoo Priest.

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