What is the occult?

The world around us contains many mysteries. From questions regarding life after death to the subtle effects of discrete energies, we are impacted by much more than what is felt and seen alone. This is one of the basic principles behind the occult. We should begin by mentioning that this term is quite broad in its scope. It encompasses numerous different aspects and many of these are interpreted by the eye of the beholder.

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How Can an Occult Reading Help?

An occult reading is defined by a session which intends to draw upon mystical and esoteric energies. In many cases, these actions are purported to provide answers to deep-seated emotional questions. Such a session will normally take place between a trained medium and a client. The client asks a series of questions and through various means of divination, the psychic provides responses. It is not uncommon for the customer to be completely surprised at the information gained. Whether connecting with a long-lost loved one or determining where a relationship may be headed, such occult readings can be extremely potent tools.

What Methods are Involved in an Occult Session?

When you speak with one of our professional psychics, a number of different techniques can be used. This will partially depend upon the type of question asked as well as the specific talent of the medium. A handful of examples which are used every day at PsychicWorld include:


Tarot Cards


Crystal or mirror gazing

Remote viewing

These and other methods intend to make use of the power of the clairvoyant reader. You can think of this individual as a "bridge" between yourself and the vast unknown.

PsychicWorld: Your Source for Answers

Countless individuals similar to yourself have already used the occult resources at PsychicWorld to gain harmony and clarity within their lives. All that is required is for you to register with our site and deposit credits. We utilize only the best psychics in existence, so accuracy is never a concern. Please do not hesitate and experience one of our live chat sessions today!

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