All I do is For Your benefit. Astrologer, Tarot card and I Ching reader with 30yrs of exp. Honest, straightforward reader, No sugar talk, no manipulation. Have a faith in Me as I have in You. feel free to call. Thank You.


Andaluzia9/14/2017, 9:46 PM


Stacey sheats9/1/2017, 9:57 PM
Katherine8/26/2017, 8:53 PM
Maria8/10/2017, 9:30 PM

kind, human, accurate. Much appreciated

Maria8/10/2017, 9:17 PM
Andaluzia8/8/2017, 9:2 PM

Great reading ! Thank you

kristina7/27/2017, 6:36 PM

very nice and detailed answers! honest and straight, thank you very much for the free minutes as well!

kristina7/27/2017, 6:25 PM

thank you!

Monixi7/13/2017, 7:1 PM
Andaluzia7/11/2017, 8:14 PM
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Andaluzia5/30/2017, 10:51 PM

Great ! He's very accurate!

Andaluzia5/30/2017, 10:30 PM
Matt5/28/2017, 9:49 PM
Matt4/10/2017, 8:22 PM
Matt4/5/2017, 1:51 AM

Spot on reading. impeccable and incredibly impressed

Beata3/23/2017, 2:32 AM
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Beata1/29/2017, 2:20 AM
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latreasea1/3/2017, 8:45 PM

great reader

kristina1/1/2017, 7:25 PM
kristina1/1/2017, 7:14 PM


kristina1/1/2017, 7:10 PM

thanks again

kristina12/30/2016, 6:43 PM

Thank you

kristina12/30/2016, 6:30 PM
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Sarah Carlton Gutierrez12/8/2016, 1:42 AM

Took a long time to answer

Rolanda12/6/2016, 2:35 AM
swing12/1/2016, 1:56 AM
cynthia liggins12/1/2016, 12:32 AM

very accurate made me cry in a healing , accepting way

Dougster111/27/2016, 10:14 AM

Helpful answers.

Alyssa W11/2/2016, 1:11 PM
EgyptianPrincess9/9/2016, 7:1 PM