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Hello, my name is Bhartie. I live in the Netherlands. And have been doing this work for over 10 years. By contacting me you will find insights, clarity and peace. I work from love and the source. I am a clairvoyant. Since my childhood I had contact with the deceased and I knew how situations would develop. Because of this I knew that there was more between heaven and earth.

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In addition to my contact with upstairs, I also put the Lennormand cards. My expertise is love. Will my ex still come back, soul connections/twin souls, when am I going to have a partner, why is there no partner, how does a certain person relate to me, what does a person think of me? You can ask me all these questions and much more and I will help you with this out of love.


●  General life readings

●  Contact with the deceased

●  Business advice

●  High sensitivity and how to deal with it. Turn your sensitivity into your strength!

●  Law of Attraction

●  Blockades that prevent you from moving forward

●  Lovereading

●  Work related reading

●  Finance reading



My styleThrough my mediumship is that I can see if you already know someone from a previous life and a soul agreement has been made that you have to work out in this life.


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JL12/3/2021, 2:15 PM
marques11/25/2021, 10:21 PM
Rick11/21/2021, 1:12 PM

Bhartie connects very well & gives me good advice & encouragement. Thanks very much, God bless you. 💙🙏

Caroldeleon44@yahoo.com11/8/2021, 8:06 PM

Honest and fast w responses

Kristina10/23/2021, 10:58 AM
Truthseeker10/22/2021, 10:26 PM

Thanks Bhartie. Lovely soul. I trust her. xxx

Truthseeker10/17/2021, 8:38 PM
Dominique Booker10/14/2021, 9:58 PM
Carolyn Malone10/3/2021, 7:52 PM
Tamara9/12/2021, 9:15 PM

Not as fast as I was hoping, but gave some info that I was intrigued to hear.

Jay8/30/2021, 8:34 PM
Rick8/30/2021, 7:58 PM
Lori8/27/2021, 11:26 PM
Darla8/19/2021, 9:14 AM

Thank you so much for help. You're very detailed and connected really well.

Rick8/11/2021, 9:19 PM

Amazing reading, she was very intuitive & encouraging. Thank you 🙏

Tiffany8/9/2021, 9:51 PM

Very helpful and to the point

D28/9/2021, 5:30 PM

Quick, kind energy, encouraging, and showed a lot of compassion

Karen8/8/2021, 5:27 PM

Very quick and clear, I enjoyed it, highly recommended.

J8/7/2021, 11:39 AM

Bhartie has a very warm, sincere energy and is very gifted. Highly recommended. xxx

Jay8/3/2021, 10:16 PM

Amazing 😻

Emily8/3/2021, 9:45 PM

thank u

Emily8/3/2021, 9:36 PM
Jessica8/3/2021, 12:32 PM
Octavia Clark8/3/2021, 11:57 AM

Honest, confirmed my gut feeling, but with precision and clarity. Provided relief to my burdened mind.

Amanda7/30/2021, 9:12 AM

Great reading! Thank you for the clarity!

SL7/28/2021, 1:30 PM
Lori7/28/2021, 10:49 AM
Rick7/27/2021, 9:13 AM

Nice reading, really resonates with my situation. Thank you Bhartie 😊🙏

JL7/26/2021, 3:23 PM
SL7/26/2021, 3:05 PM
SL7/26/2021, 2:59 PM
Pamela R Martinez7/26/2021, 1:40 PM
Lori7/23/2021, 8:02 PM
Lori7/22/2021, 8:52 PM
Bec7/5/2021, 7:56 AM
Megan7/4/2021, 11:58 PM
Lori7/4/2021, 11:27 PM
Destiny7/2/2021, 10:30 PM

Thank you

Mary6/30/2021, 9:10 PM
Truthseeker6/30/2021, 1:54 PM
Ladibug966/27/2021, 10:00 PM

She is great

Jessica6/26/2021, 10:15 PM

Tapped right into my situation without any prompting, gave sound advise and was accurate

Bec6/19/2021, 9:34 PM
Maryanis6/19/2021, 9:17 PM
Truthseeker6/19/2021, 11:39 AM

Thank you Bhartie. Lovely lady, her predictions feel honest, truthful and consistent. Always feel reassured. xxx

Tawana Gant6/15/2021, 12:39 PM

She really rested my heart. I'm feeling so down about my POI but she's amazing. Can't wait to talk to her again.

Lee6/15/2021, 9:12 AM
Lori6/15/2021, 8:00 AM
stephanie6/15/2021, 7:14 AM
Caroldeleon44@yahoo.com5/29/2021, 11:24 PM