Psychic love clairvoyant Carol

Psychic love clairvoyant Carol is a fourth generation psychic clairvoyant born. With her gifts she's been helping people for 25 years She specialize in all matters of life and is honest and accurate.


Anthony12/20/2016, 9:53 PM

great experience everytime

Shelley12/20/2016, 4:3 AM

once again, she was amazing!!! Such positive energy and beautiful soul

Sarah Carlton Gutierrez12/9/2016, 2:2 AM
Summer Skye12/8/2016, 9:1 PM
Dougster112/8/2016, 6:33 PM

Very helpful with detailed information.

Shelley12/8/2016, 2:39 AM
Shelley12/8/2016, 2:17 AM

I love her, she's amazing. What she's told me before has come true and I believe everything she says!! ❤️❤️❤️

latreasea12/8/2016, 12:29 AM

she s great I will be Speaking to her again.

Maria11/25/2016, 4:5 AM

great! love her

Sherry brown11/24/2016, 8:31 PM

she great

Dougster111/23/2016, 4:42 AM

Best Psychic ever!!

latrease parks11/20/2016, 4:6 AM

She s great

Shelley11/20/2016, 1:28 AM

She was amazing!!! So loving and good energy. I cant wait to have another reading. thank you so much! you are a blessing :) <3

latrease parks11/20/2016, 12:37 AM
Crystal11/19/2016, 8:2 PM
Anthony11/19/2016, 4:55 AM
Alyssa W11/18/2016, 2:55 AM
Asha11/18/2016, 1:47 AM
Alyssa W11/16/2016, 2:35 AM
eleanor11/16/2016, 2:12 AM
Alyssa W11/15/2016, 2:48 AM
Joanna11/13/2016, 8:39 PM
Alyssa W11/13/2016, 4:49 AM
Kimberly todd11/11/2016, 9:36 PM

words can not express my feelings ririgh now this lady told me a prediction that would happen and truly enough it came tru god blessed this nice lady with a special gift and thats to make people like me know he exist and his angels does as well thank u ms carol for helping me gain hope for something i believed was lost

Kimberly todd11/10/2016, 11:42 PM

Always makes me happy

Dougster111/10/2016, 8:16 PM

Very detailed and very helpful!

Sarah Gutierrez11/6/2016, 11:30 PM
Sophie11/6/2016, 8:39 PM
Anthony11/6/2016, 6:48 PM

great woman very caring and on point

Dougster111/3/2016, 7:5 PM

Excellent Psychic! Very helpful!

Alyssa W11/3/2016, 2:26 AM
EgyptianPrincess11/2/2016, 6:1 PM

Amazing & quick to connect

Alyssa W11/2/2016, 4:21 AM
Alyssa W11/1/2016, 2:13 AM
Alyssa W10/29/2016, 6:14 PM
Alyssa W10/28/2016, 8:8 PM
Josie10/24/2016, 9:14 PM
Alyssa W10/15/2016, 4:41 AM
Josie10/13/2016, 10:38 PM

very reassuring :) carol is a kind, lovely and friendly women who seemed to be on the mark about my partner. Many blessings x

Alyssa W10/6/2016, 4:55 AM

Great. As Always.

Kd10/3/2016, 9:47 PM

She always place a smile on my face

Priyanka9/29/2016, 12:45 AM
Kd9/24/2016, 5:49 AM

Everything she read about me was truthful

eleanor9/20/2016, 4:28 AM
eleanor9/20/2016, 3:42 AM


Kd9/17/2016, 2:23 AM
Kd9/17/2016, 2:10 AM


Alyssa W9/14/2016, 3:3 AM