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I am a master love psychic and specialize in twin flames
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Welcome! My name is Psychic Danny and I am a professional Psychic Intuitive and Empath. My gifts include Claircognizance which is also referred to as clear knowing, and Empathy or Clairsentience which means I am able to express how people feel or the emotions they are exhibiting. I am also an expert Tarot Card Reader.

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●  General life readings

●  Relationship Advice

●  Breaking Up & Divorce

●  Cheating & Affairs

●  Parents & Children

●  Family Advice

●  Love & Sex

●  Dating Advice

●  Karma & Past Life



Using all of my gifts in unison has proven beneficial as I am able to give a multi-dimensional viewpoint to any given situation. I specialize in Timing as well as Career concerns, Matters of the Heart and giving Relationship Guidance as our actions can improve or damage our circumstances and your happiness is important to mWith my rational and intuitive sense of clarity, I am able to give you the insight which will help you decide which positive and lasting changes to make in your life. It is most productive to ask specific questions.

Please have your list ready before you call. Examples of specific questions might be:

Does my current relationship have long term potential? Will I get married soon? Will I find a new job? Will I get that raise or promotion I've been hoping for? Is my current job stable? Please be aware that I do not give general readings.

It is my pledge and calling in life to help you. I will be there for you through your joy or pain as you strive toward a better tomorrow feel or the emotions they are exhibiting. I am also an expert Tarot Card Reader. Using all of my gifts in unison has proven beneficial as I am able to give a multi-dimensional viewpoint to any given situation. If I am not available, please arrange a call and I will be with you as soon as possible. 

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Tiniua7/24/2021, 6:31 AM
Tiniua7/24/2021, 6:25 AM
Jane7/22/2021, 12:09 PM

was completely different from the reading I had the previous day. And I bought the promo with four extra minutes and never received it. So super pissed off

Lori7/22/2021, 10:06 AM
Nadin7/22/2021, 6:43 AM
Taila Johnson7/22/2021, 4:44 AM

Wonderful reader will be back next week

Emily7/22/2021, 4:30 AM
Lori7/22/2021, 1:48 AM
Joanna7/22/2021, 1:33 AM
Bec7/22/2021, 1:16 AM

Wonderful insights:)

Lori7/22/2021, 1:10 AM
Tiniua7/22/2021, 12:58 AM

Omgggg so good

Jabulile J Zondo7/22/2021, 12:08 AM

Not clear , very confusing reading . Not happy at all . Nothing made sense

Megan7/21/2021, 11:32 PM
Emily7/21/2021, 10:50 PM
Taila Johnson7/21/2021, 10:35 PM

Great chat

Darren7/21/2021, 9:01 AM
Nadin7/21/2021, 6:58 AM

very good thankyou

Tj7/21/2021, 5:15 AM

Great thorough reader and chat ! I will be back

Jamall7/21/2021, 4:48 AM
stephanie7/21/2021, 4:23 AM

put me at ease wonderful chat!

Emily7/21/2021, 4:07 AM
Emily7/21/2021, 3:56 AM
Pamela R Martinez7/21/2021, 2:36 AM
Bec7/21/2021, 1:16 AM
Marjo7/20/2021, 1:25 PM

Helpful and quick to answer

asal7/20/2021, 7:03 AM
Emily7/20/2021, 4:10 AM
Paige7/20/2021, 3:19 AM
Pamela R Martinez7/20/2021, 1:50 AM
Emily7/20/2021, 1:24 AM
Beata7/19/2021, 2:08 AM
Bec7/19/2021, 1:15 AM
Jessica7/18/2021, 10:29 PM
Lori7/18/2021, 5:37 AM
Megan7/17/2021, 8:02 AM
marques7/17/2021, 1:46 AM
Mel7/17/2021, 12:40 AM
Bec7/17/2021, 12:22 AM
Jessica7/16/2021, 11:24 PM

Seemed accurate but was slow to respond

Happy7/16/2021, 10:40 PM

stop on ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,I enjoyed my session

marques7/13/2021, 1:22 AM
Bec7/13/2021, 12:26 AM
Emily7/12/2021, 1:56 AM
Kdes7/12/2021, 12:47 AM
JL7/11/2021, 2:55 AM
marques7/11/2021, 1:45 AM
Darlene Lucien7/10/2021, 11:59 PM
Stacy Renee7/10/2021, 8:09 PM

So great to talk to. Picked up on my situation quickly and answered specific questions without full details. Thank you so much! Hope to talk soon!!

kindsoul7/10/2021, 3:02 AM

Wise. Honest. Direct.🙏🏽