Spiritual reader and healer with 30 years of experience.
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Breakups & DivorceDeceased Loved OnesLove & Relationships


I am a spiritual reader and healer. I have 30 years of experience and use no tools. My readings and healings are guided by your questions so you get information about what you most need to know! Each reading is a sacred moment for us to be in communication as spirit. I tune into your energy (aura, chakras, channels, etc.) through your voice and talk to you about where your energy is stuck and where it is moving. We will focus mostly on the stuck energy, as it holds keys to understanding where you feel stuck in life! In the healing, I help you remove these blocks. Your energy will flow more freely afterwards, revealing the insight and awareness that was blocked before.

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● Love/Relationships

● Deceased Loved Ones

● Breakups/Divorce

● Family/Friends

● Money/Prosperity

● Past Lives

● Spirit Guides

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