Tarot and Lenormand reader, Reiki and energy healing practitioner, pendulum dowsers, natural born empath, highly sensitive, intuitive and spiritual yet open for any kind of questions.


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Stacey sheats1/1/2018, 7:57 AM
Maria9/7/2017, 8:3 AM
Beata6/15/2017, 4:38 PM
Beata6/15/2017, 4:20 PM
Maria6/11/2017, 2:44 PM

Esther was amazing! thank you!

Alyssa W2/3/2017, 10:33 PM

Excellent, as always. So on point and specific. It's like talking with a trusted friend more then anything. THANK YOU!

Alyssa W2/3/2017, 10:20 PM
Dougster112/7/2016, 10:18 AM

Helpful psychic.

Alyssa W12/5/2016, 10:14 AM
Alyssa W12/4/2016, 10:0 AM
Alyssa W11/30/2016, 12:11 AM
Alyssa W11/28/2016, 9:1 AM

Thank you. :)

Alyssa W11/28/2016, 8:45 AM
Alyssa W11/28/2016, 8:38 AM
Alyssa W10/10/2016, 10:20 PM

two thumbs up.

Alyssa W10/10/2016, 10:0 PM
Alyssa W10/3/2016, 12:24 PM
Alyssa W9/29/2016, 10:53 AM

Wonderful. As Always.

Alyssa W9/23/2016, 5:56 AM

Always a great talk.

Alyssa W9/23/2016, 5:39 AM
Alyssa W9/19/2016, 9:38 AM
Alyssa W9/19/2016, 9:29 AM
Maria7/28/2016, 8:15 PM
Maria7/23/2016, 9:15 AM

Helpful as always!!

Maria7/23/2016, 9:10 AM
Maria7/5/2016, 8:22 AM
Patty7/2/2016, 12:13 AM
Matt6/24/2016, 5:46 PM
Maria6/13/2016, 10:11 AM
Jennifer.padilla89@gmail.com6/11/2016, 11:41 PM

Esther was straight to the point and didn't waste my time. Her reading was so precise and full of helpful info! Loved her energy!

Jess6/10/2016, 6:20 PM
Kimberly todd6/9/2016, 10:3 PM
Matt6/7/2016, 6:14 AM
Erielle5/31/2016, 8:47 AM

helps so much and very nice

Erielle5/27/2016, 6:42 PM

Wonderful out my mind at ease

Kimberly todd5/22/2016, 6:52 PM
Mani5/21/2016, 8:43 AM
Cjonesy5/16/2016, 12:53 PM
Kimberly todd5/13/2016, 3:51 AM