Hello, my name is Jessica. Thank you for viewing my profile. I offer help in your past life, life purpose, and intuitive readings. I sometimes use tools for my readings but not always as an inherent ability to understand a person without my oracle cards. But i know people without a lot of information given to me. Meaning i do not need your background info to read for you. I would need your name, birthday, and your specific area or question in mind.

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I understand auras through color without knowing you though a photo. I do offer mediumship, healing though long-distance, and energy. I know spirits, angels, and fairies as i understand the realms. Without having a specific photo of you. Just feeling of your vibration of knowing who you are. As i know the law of attraction of vibrations. So what you vibrate i can understand. As always let me know if i can assist you today. 


●  General life readings

●  Relationship Advice

●  Breaking Up & Divorce

●  Cheating & Affairs

●  Parents & Children

●  Family Advice

●  Dating Advice



I'm extremely down to earth and my readings are realistic. I objectively look at a client's situation and try to unravel patterns. I combine different divination tools in order to get the full picture.


Geri1/21/2020, 1:36 AM
Iwona1/21/2020, 12:19 AM
Amrita1/20/2020, 9:23 PM
Maura1/18/2020, 1:55 AM
Amie1/17/2020, 4:6 PM
Windy1/10/2020, 3:57 AM
Veronica1/4/2020, 3:32 AM

Good reading

Dana1/1/2020, 7:28 PM
Miroslava1/1/2020, 7:14 PM
mimi12/21/2019, 4:5 PM
lulu12/10/2019, 1:40 PM
Beata12/6/2019, 12:15 AM
Devin12/4/2019, 6:10 PM
Beata11/22/2019, 4:36 PM
Sunny Vialpando11/21/2019, 10:35 PM

What a joke that was! Worst reading I have ever experienced!!!

Lorraine11/21/2019, 4:30 AM

Excellent psychic and advisor

mimi11/19/2019, 2:16 AM
Lala123411/17/2019, 2:13 PM
Beata11/15/2019, 1:16 AM
Phillip Neukam11/14/2019, 4:28 PM
Beata11/13/2019, 2:21 AM

Predicted getting a job and I did.

jenifer A.11/11/2019, 12:43 AM
Elodie11/10/2019, 11:25 PM
Beata11/9/2019, 11:18 PM
Beata11/9/2019, 11:12 PM
Margaret Brewer11/8/2019, 4:23 AM
Sophia11/1/2019, 1:12 PM

Types fast, but didn't feel connection with her at all. Thanks anyway

Devin10/29/2019, 9:3 PM
Lorraine10/29/2019, 1:3 AM
Bao Pham10/23/2019, 2:37 AM
Suzanne10/21/2019, 3:13 PM


Shannon10/20/2019, 8:17 PM
ASHANDA10/20/2019, 4:1 PM

Very accurate. She knew everything without information on my part

ASHANDA10/20/2019, 3:49 PM
Nea10/19/2019, 11:5 PM

Thank you for guidance. The truth is what we need. I will keep my thoughts positive.

Patricia10/19/2019, 12:33 AM
Ww10/18/2019, 1:11 PM
Ww10/14/2019, 7:48 PM
Ww10/12/2019, 2:50 PM
Devin10/8/2019, 10:40 PM
fatima10/5/2019, 4:27 AM

Thank u jessica it was nice speaking with you

Matej10/3/2019, 3:33 PM
Ww10/2/2019, 7:9 PM
Danica10/1/2019, 11:11 PM

I have never given some this low of reviewed before. it feels awful. very confusing. started out by saying one thing and end with saying the oppose. and then blamed my lack of intuition for my situation

Teeka9/28/2019, 5:19 PM

very insightful and helpful, I will take your advice. Thank you

jackson9/28/2019, 3:2 PM
Malorie9/27/2019, 11:14 PM
Ww9/27/2019, 3:28 PM

Thanks again!!

Ww9/27/2019, 3:16 PM
Ww9/27/2019, 2:1 AM