Julie Geigle/Metatron

"Welcome to the spiritual realm of Archangel Metatron. Julie is an honest & ethical 4th generation International Psychic Medium and gifted Trance Channeler for Metatron. She has a soft, gentle approach but is direct and to the point.

With a chart she’s devised herself, she can give approximate predictions for time-frame and help you clearly decide, without a doubt, what’s in your highest good. With her trusted angel cards she is able to tap into the wisdom of your ANGELIC COUNCIL to guide and direct you in your life. Julie is very honest, insightful and can see things you cannot. She uses tools during a reading which enable her to stay objective and be a clear, pure channel of spirit.


As long as Julie can remember she has been highly sensitive and intuitive. She comes from a LONG LINE OF PSYCHICS, all the way back to her great-grandmother who began visiting her from beyond the grave during meditation. Once her own father passed almost 18 years ago she began to truly embrace her gifts as a psychic medium and now works full-time helping others all across the globe with spiritual readings and teachings from beyond. Julie is revered as highly ethical and trusted in her field.

Julie has been TRANCE channeling since 2000 and is honored to work with Archangel Metatron. Metatron is the master of all the Archangels and Angels in heaven and walked the earth as Enoch. He is here to help us remember who we are and why we came here to this planet.


Julie works as an International Psychic Medium, Spiritual Healer & Teacher, Archangel Metatron Channel, Reiki Master Teacher, Hypnotherapist with clinical certification, Transformation Meditation Instructor, Psychic Business Coach, and Ordained Minister. She also holds a masters degree in Elementary Education and worked as a school teacher early in her career.

She holds special certification in Past Life Regression with Georgina Cannon, Transformation Meditation with Sherrie Wade and The One Command with Asara Lovejoy. She has also studied quantum jumping, spiritual counseling, spiritual teaching, the healing code, and the emotional freedom technique.

In 2014, Julie became an approved and certified Casa Guide for the John of God experience. She takes groups of people annually to awaken to their psychic abilities, heal the physical body and raise one's vibrational frequency. ""John of God Spiritual Transformation Healing Retreat"" coming April 4th-16th, 2016. Fee - $1950. Rooms vary so be sure to register early to get the best selection.


1) "Angel Talk Tuesday" 7am PST/9am CST/10am EST OmTimesRadio

Join the Psychic Angel Channelers, Julie Geigle, Katherine Glass & Maggie Chula as they channel divine wisdom to help you align with your own Angelic Council of love and light.

Julie is honored to be chosen as a channel for Archangel Metatron who has a powerful, commanding presence. Metatron is filled with grace and light as he guides us on this journey of remembering who we are.

2) "John of God Healing Current Meditation" Fridays 9am CST Blogtalkradio
Join us as we tune into the energies of Casa de Dom Inacio in Brazil and John of God along with his team of Healing Casa Entities and spiritual beings of light for prayers and healing.

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Katherine11/6/2017, 6:19 PM
Maria10/28/2017, 9:18 PM

very good! and precise!

masher1012/27/2017, 9:40 PM
eleanor11/7/2016, 7:41 PM
Chad6/22/2016, 2:0 PM
nance10234/20/2016, 9:0 PM

Always waiting for Julie to come on line always on track with her readings. Really gives me true hope.

JustJ20162/11/2016, 9:15 AM

Thanks for sharing your amazing gift, love and guidance! I truly appreciate your insight. I will return!

astralbeing11/15/2015, 4:31 PM

Thank you for the very honest answers without an opinion. Connected with me instantly and was accurate.

carmelite10/15/2015, 11:24 AM

Julie is great! She tuned right in to my business decision and gave me the answers I needed to move forward confidently. Really appreciate that!