Marcus, intuitive relationship specialist and career advisor, intends to forecast probable events for life, career and love opportunities by offering insightful advice and forecasts, through intuitively and clairvoyantly interpreted divinations. He is committed to your personal transformation with the application of spiritual principles, self-healing, wholeness, and LOVE. Somewhat similar to a weather forecast, Marcus will share your personal intuitive forecast like a roadmap of probably events, outcomes, and timing for love and work opportunities. Enhanced accuracy is achieved by synergistically combining clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and claircognizance with several divination methods.


For insight into relationship compatibility lifetime potential, he has developed a unique divination method with unparalleled accuracy verified over decades with thousands of clients. His proprietary method gives real-time consultation intuitive insight into relationship spiritual gifts & issues, romantic love chemistry & emotional intimacy attraction, friendship & communication, amount of non-romantic avocational interests; as well as a percent likelihood of overall longevity, happiness & success.  From a published interview by Dayton Daily News newspaper, April 16, 1999:   "(Mark)... developed a tool that will determine if a relationship has long-term soulmate (life partner) potential with 98 or 99 percent accuracy."

Marcus (a former systems engineer, BSEE) has over 22 years full-time intuitive consulting experience (32 years total) in professional practice (30,000+ consultations since January 1994). He has several radio/newspaper/tv media interviews (e.g., Radio: CBS nationwide, WSAI AM 1530 "Angel Talk", WHIO AM 1290 "New Year's"; TV: NBC WKEF Ch. 22 News, and Newspaper: Dayton Daily) as well as hosted his own internet show and a CBS broadcast airwave radio regular segment. Reviewed on TV (Rated best[86% accurate] of five consultants evaluated): "The reading was fun and it did produce some uncanny insight into my personality, my past and my present...(Mark)...was right on target with much of what he said. Although not a scientific survey, the statistical accuracy was as follows: 0%...false, 14%...true for most people, 36%...specifically true for her, 50% uncanny direct hits out of a total 22 items (100%)...had an uncanny ability to know more about me than a stranger should." (NBC TV News network affiliate, Nov. 1996).

Marcus would be honored and grateful for the opportunity to be of spiritual assistance. Thank you for your interest and may the universe bring you many blessings, miracles, joy, and success!"


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