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Hello divine soul.. I am the Enlightened Lioness and I am here to help you unlock the answers you seek. My intuitive and psychic gifts allow me to tap into the energy around you and guide you to peace of mind, confirmation, and deep knowing. I am a certified Spiritual Life Coach and Shamanic Coach. My life purpose is to bring the spiritual world into the physical world in a way that serves the highest good of all involved. I am passionate about helping souls seeking clarity and guidance. If you're feeling stuck, lost, at the end of your rope, or simply need to affirm you're moving in the right direction, I am honored to serve you with the blessings I have been given. I look forward to being a part of your journey!

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● Inner healing

● Happiness

● Love & Relationships

● Loss & Grief

● Self-acceptance & Self-worth


I have mastered many of life's most painful challenges. My experience benefits men and women of all ages and backgrounds. My path to living my passion, bringing healing to others and following my divine calling has been full of lessons, pain, healing and pure joy.

I help others to discover what they cannot see about their current circumstances, help guide them to their own inner healing and happiness, set and achieve realistic goals related to relationships, love, loss, grief, abandonment, self-acceptance, and self-worth. My gifts in tarot and oracle reading are strong and I have been reading for over 20 years privately and almost 2 years professionally. I am ready to grow my gifts even greater by connecting with the souls that need my guidance, wisdom and experience.

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Paola12/5/2023, 6:31 PM

Always a great pleasure to chat with Nicole. She is so genuinely kind and caring. And her readings always resonate well. I'm grateful for her, always!

Ludovica12/3/2023, 4:17 PM

This woman has the patient of a Saint and a huge heart. She's pure light and loving healing energy. It's been literally a hell of a journey and she always stood,virtually, by my side giving me strength and comfort. Thank you!!

Barbara11/29/2023, 5:04 PM
Caroldeleon44@yahoo.com11/29/2023, 12:58 AM

accurate and fast w responses will return to her again

Atiya11/29/2023, 12:43 AM
Ludovica11/28/2023, 8:00 PM
Paola11/27/2023, 4:34 PM

Lovely perspective from Nicole. I love how she's able to help me see things more clearly. She's amazing, as always!

Lisa bramm11/25/2023, 8:12 PM

Ty ❤️ ❤️❤️❤️💯💯💯💯

Ludovica11/25/2023, 7:56 PM


Stewart11/25/2023, 7:13 PM
Lisa bramm11/21/2023, 12:29 AM

Ty ❤️ ❤️❤️❤️💯💯💯💯

Stewart11/20/2023, 11:58 PM

Nicole's a smart fuzzy peach@ And many other sweet things!

Lisa bramm11/18/2023, 9:46 PM

Ty ❤️ ❤️❤️❤️💯💯💯💯

Stewart11/18/2023, 9:03 PM

Solid review of the state of things

Ludovica11/18/2023, 4:53 PM
Mavis11/17/2023, 9:48 PM

Nicole is on point and so quick! Worth every penny

Jessica11/17/2023, 7:13 PM
Brittany11/16/2023, 10:39 PM
Ludovica11/16/2023, 6:55 PM

Such a gentle loving soul!! Talking to Nicole is like catching up with a friend that validates your feeling and intuition. Thank you so much for taking the time to check everything with me and to let me know,the best is yet to come! :)

Loving energy11/11/2023, 5:00 PM

She's amazing

Barbara11/11/2023, 4:36 PM
Paola11/10/2023, 7:59 PM

Grateful for the clarity and insight that Nicole gives. She's helped me out so much over the past year and I appreciate her so much!

Cheri Hollenbeck11/9/2023, 1:03 AM
Allen Shensky11/9/2023, 12:46 AM
Atiya11/9/2023, 12:33 AM
Ryan11/7/2023, 7:59 PM
Jessica11/7/2023, 4:16 PM
Jessica11/7/2023, 3:24 PM
Tatiana11/4/2023, 10:53 PM

wonderful, comforting, accurate. understanding. Beyond this world. Highly Recommend!

Yvonne11/4/2023, 10:00 PM
Atiya11/4/2023, 9:43 PM
YJ11/1/2023, 10:48 PM
Tina11/1/2023, 6:24 PM

Thank you from the bottom of my heart ❤️

Ludovica11/1/2023, 4:23 PM

So nice catching up with Nicole after a while. She brings so much positivity and light. She does calm my mind a lot. Happy to hear everything is going as it should be. Hoping to update soon with those good news :)

sunset110/31/2023, 11:18 PM
Loving energy10/31/2023, 5:17 PM
yata10/30/2023, 6:53 PM
A.10/28/2023, 11:57 PM
yata10/28/2023, 11:25 PM

thanks loving soul

Madeleine10/26/2023, 7:38 PM

Always so helpful, thank you!

Loving energy10/26/2023, 6:36 PM
Jaclyn10/26/2023, 5:34 PM

Always super kind and insightful

Atiya10/26/2023, 5:21 PM
KK10/26/2023, 3:00 PM

Amazing as always

Paola10/26/2023, 2:29 PM
gina10/21/2023, 8:57 PM

Great as always

Elaine10/21/2023, 8:19 PM
Gg10/21/2023, 7:29 PM
Brittany10/17/2023, 11:57 PM
Carol10/16/2023, 2:23 PM

Thank you for a great reading and information you’re always the best