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Star Brown


Clairvoyant & Woman's Lifecoach Relationship Guru/Confidante
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Breakups & DivorceLove & RelationshipsMoney & Prosperity


Hello There! Miracles do happen and with my guidance, you can achieve anything your heart desires. Let me help you see your journey and make sense of whatever is confusing you. I am here for you anytime - day or night.

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I want you to have peace of mind. I want to give you the kind of clarity that helps you feel relaxed. Relationships and business are my speciality. Come to me and let me help you ease your emotional pain or turmoil.


Psychic Reading, Love and relationship.


●  General life readings

●  Relationship Advice

●  Breaking Up & Divorce

●  Cheating & Affairs

●  Parents & Children

●  Family Advice

●  Love & Sex

●  Dating Advice

●  Karma & Past Life



I am experienced in all matters of the heart and there is not a story I have not worked through. I can assist with important business decisions and issues with Soul Mate or Twin Soul relationships. I can help you work with the Universe to manifest the reality of your dreams.

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Gayl10/15/2021, 8:44 AM

As always so insightful and helpful, with much love

Amiluv10/15/2021, 5:56 AM
Roisin10/8/2021, 6:25 AM
RB10/6/2021, 4:43 PM

She has always been there for me. I'd be lost without her guidance and support!

Whitney10/3/2021, 2:14 PM
RB10/3/2021, 7:43 AM

Love her so so so much. She is quick and VERY helpful with insight and advice

Amiluv10/3/2021, 5:06 AM

Absolutely amazing, worth every penny ❤️

Alyssa10/2/2021, 4:07 AM
lulu9/30/2021, 10:06 AM
Tracey9/30/2021, 1:11 AM
Erin9/30/2021, 12:22 AM

thank you

Shay9/29/2021, 6:39 PM

Wow! Amazing! Thank you! ❤️🙏🏽

Caitlin Glass9/27/2021, 9:30 PM
Marcelle9/25/2021, 4:53 PM

Fantastic accurate information.. She is amazing!!

Tebogo9/25/2021, 1:06 PM
Tash9/23/2021, 4:56 PM

Always so helpful.

Mary9/22/2021, 5:33 PM
rita lynne hughes9/22/2021, 5:35 AM
Anna9/21/2021, 7:43 AM

Six stars if I could Star Brown is generous and sensitive she helps me so much. Incredibly accurate. Star is fearless tells the truth, encourages me to be my best self and explores all options what a gift.

RB9/19/2021, 5:26 AM
Lee9/10/2021, 5:51 AM
Tracey9/9/2021, 8:52 PM
Juanita9/9/2021, 9:21 AM
Antonia9/8/2021, 6:15 PM

Wonderful reading, taps in and is right on. Thank you!

henni9/6/2021, 3:49 AM

Amazing chat, will definitely be back... unfortunately session was closed suddenly! :(

Rachael9/6/2021, 1:12 AM
John9/4/2021, 1:13 PM
Alexis9/4/2021, 10:30 AM
suzy9/3/2021, 12:47 PM
Manuel lopez9/2/2021, 10:36 AM
RB9/2/2021, 6:32 AM
Courtney8/31/2021, 6:35 PM

unfortunately as much as i would like to give a good review, this reading is contradicting to every previous reading i did... so .... 3 stars...

Maria8/25/2021, 3:59 AM
Nayla8/24/2021, 11:01 PM

She was great I tried to throw another question in there didn’t even realize my time went by so fast but thank you so much I will definitely be calling back! 🙏🏾☺️

Amiluv8/24/2021, 6:43 AM
Tonya B Barnes8/24/2021, 5:55 AM

great energy, very encouraging and great insight

christine achre8/24/2021, 2:56 AM
Stormie8/24/2021, 2:44 AM

Wonderful! Quick and lots of advice

Martha Barnette8/21/2021, 10:42 AM

Great reading

Jay8/19/2021, 5:38 PM

A lovely soul ❤️

RB8/19/2021, 6:24 AM
Bonnie8/18/2021, 8:52 PM
Desiree8/18/2021, 6:37 PM

She was lovely! I really enjoyed the motivation and uplifting energy. ❤️

Chazmine8/18/2021, 3:21 AM

She’s perfect. No other way to say it

Kathleen8/17/2021, 4:26 PM

Good talk

Karen8/16/2021, 7:49 PM

Very encouraging! Highly recommend.

Khadijah8/16/2021, 7:11 PM
kindsoul8/16/2021, 4:50 PM
lulu8/15/2021, 3:44 PM
Felicia8/14/2021, 10:04 PM