What is a Bach remedy?

The first Bach remedy was introduced by Edward Bach M.D in the mid-1930s. This is a system of flower therapies that work by dividing people up into seven different types. Your reaction to certain illnesses was the deciding factor as to what group you were placed in. The Bach remedy lists the seven types as oversensitivity, loneliness, uncertainty, fear, lack of interest in everyday circumstances, over concern for others and despondency. The Bach remedy follows Dr Bach's belief that emotions and negative mood swings were the primary reasons for the initial breakdown in health, which puts us on the road to illness. The cure is arrived at by addressing the mental state and emotional distress of the patient.

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The Bach system uses the essences of 38 wild flowers to treat negative emotions and moods. Since the initial 38, more floral solutions have been added to the original list. People who have used this treatment say that the remedy is achieved by an extremely subtle energy that is accessed by them from the flowers.

Bach remedies

These remedies can be used in conjunction with homeopathy, herbs, and various natural medications. They are completely safe to use for everybody including pregnant women, children, the elderly and even household pets and plants. The beauty of this cure is its simplicity, which makes it very easy to use.

Bach remedies consist of a therapeutic system that dilutes flower essences to enable the user to regain balance between emotional and physical disturbances. The Doctor discovered in flowers, the conditions, and resonances that were the same as in his patients. If the correct essence is used, it can bring a patient back to a happy and positive state.

Human beings incorporate in their very being a host of feelings and sensitivity as well as a spiritual body. Bach remedies contain the energy imprints of the plants that they were taken from. The remedies work by interacting with the subtle bodies and helping with the emotional responses to illness.

Even though Bach remedies have a close similarity to homeopathy, the theory does not embrace that of successive dilutions and are not founded on the 'law of similar' or 'like cures like.' Bach flower essences are made either by the boiling method or potentization (the sun method).

The Bach system is a complete therapeutic methodology that can treat every conceivable imbalance. The system consists of, the 'seven helpers,' which include Heather, Rock Water, Wild Oat, Vine and Gorse. The 'Twelve Healers,' include in their ranks Cerato, Agrimony, Clematis, Chicory and Violet Water. The 'second 19' is made up of plants such as Red Chestnut, Walnut, White Chestnut and Aspen.

Bach remedy online

Taking advantage of the Bach remedy online is now an available option and has become immensely popular with all types of people from diverse walks of life. The people that try the Bach remedy online often have busy lifestyles and have tried conventional medicines but have not been satisfied with the results. For these people the advantages of using online therapy are enormous. This is especially true if they live in a remote area, or have little time to travel to physically make an appointment with a practitioner. These days, counseling can be accessed from your own home with the aid of the internet. You can chat with a highly trained adviser about your problems and start a Bach remedy online very quickly. Many people agree that by treating complaints in a more natural way can get some amazing results and comes without any side-effects.

Illness is like a conflict, and this internal war can be won, and negative moods along with energy blocking thoughts can be alleviated, and harmony returned.

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