What is haptonomy?

Haptonomy focuses on the sense of touch, using the human tactile sense as a leading guide amongst all the senses. As a therapy through one of our PsychicWorld online therapists, haptonomy helps with your capacity to feel, experience and share emotions with others. This puts you in touch with the world as never before and can help those with tactile difficulties who feel disconnected from life. It's used in mainstream medicine as well as in holistic health care through our psychics, who apply this through their advice and counseling to strengthen and heal your body and inner spirit. The approach our psychics use is unique, with far-reaching health benefits. You'll regain a state of balance both mentally and physically and this therapy's particularly good for mental health issues, anxiety, pain or feelings of frustration and incompleteness in life. It's also used as preparation for parents expecting a child, helping to establish a stronger sense of connection with the baby, so that bonding's easier. When in the hands of one of our competent and highly experienced psychics, the feelings this therapy brings cascade through your entire family, filling your life with happiness, joy and optimism.

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Spark of Insight
Distant healingHealth & healingIntuitive behavior

I'm a natural born intuitive and I am able to tune into spirit very easily. I have had this gift all...
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Rainbow Catriona
ExpertsLove tarot readingPsychic readings

Love & Career. Possibilities & Probabilities. Tarot. Oracle Cards. Crystal Reader. Angel Card Messa...
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Spiritual Penelope
ClairsEmotions and characterIntimacy

I am a gifted clairvoyant advisor and relationship expert with years of professional experience I...
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The Star Reader
AstrologyCareer & financeDestiny & life

Born with guidance and gifted hands, it was inevitable that I would dedicate my life to helping othe...
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Brina Rose
Crystal healingDream analysisPendulum

Brina Rose is an expert in pendulum dowsing and oracle cards and will provide you with straight forw...
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Caroline Palmy
ChannelingHome & familyLove & relationships

Interested in self love, healing from old pain? I learn you to be more assertive & apply self love.
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Miss Taylor
All your 2018 HoroscopesWeekly horoscopesAkashic records reading

Experienced tarot reader and relationship expert. I approach your concerns with a friendly and compa...
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Oracle Treehouse
ClairsEastern philosophyHealth & healing

I have been studying the psychic and healing arts since I was a teenager. As an Oracle, I channel di...
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Benefits of various haptonomies

Our online psychic therapists at PsychicWorld use various haptonomies to enrich their own psychic practices through their expert advice and counseling. They always adopt a thorough holistic approach with your best interests at heart. Haptotherapy is a form of therapeutic counseling and guidance to help you on your developmental journey in life. Through the use of haptonomies, our psychics will help you to live better and feel a greater freedom, as well as having better relationships with your friends, family and loved ones. Our psychics can also use the therapy as antenatal care for parents of an unborn child and guidance after the child has been born. This benefits expectant mothers and fathers by helping them make physical and emotional contact with their unborn child.

Haptonomy online

In a haptonomy online consultation with an empathetic psychic from PsychicWorld, your chosen psychic will initially establish the nature of the issue you want to explore, then find a remedy to in your one-to-one private and confidential session. Your gifted psychic will use their powers of insight to tap into your feelings and mental and physical state of health so they can assess how best to help you. Haptonomy online will restore your sense of connection in the ways you need. Our PsychicWorld service has a proven track record of helping many people, so please don't hesitate to contact us online to find out how we can help you.

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