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It's about life nourishing life, breathing life force into balance. If one were to take a little poetic liberty, this could be a reasonable definition of what is Pranic healing online. This article aims to provide some basic information on this energy healing system.

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What is Prana – the "Breath of Life"?

Prana is the vital energy that permeates all living beings. The word actually means "life force" in Sanscript, and represents a universal vitality that connects all forms of life. Sometimes referred to as the "Breath of Life", it's essentially the same concept that's referred in other traditions as "Ki" (also spelled "Chi") or "Orgone".

What does Pranic Healing consist of?

It was in the last century that Choa Kok Sui (a renowned Filipino healer of Chinese origins) originally developed the energy healing system that we know refer to as Pranic Healing online. This discipline is comparable to yoga or acupuncture - since it focuses in enabling energetic healing - which in turn helps the body to become balanced. The essence of this energy system has been detailed by its creator in a book called "Basic Pranic Healing" which even today is regarded as the main reference guide for the thousands of active Pranic healing adepts worldwide.

Even though this teaching has been systematized somewhat recently by Choa Kok Sui, it is based on ancient methods and traditions dating back as far as 3,000 years. One of the earliest known references to Prana is an ancient Hindu text called the Chandogya Upanishad, and similar concepts are elaborated in disciplines such as Ayurveda, Tantra and Reiki.

How does Pranic Healing online help relieve suffering?

Pranic healings purport to help treat people suffering from imbalances, whether they happen to be physical, emotional or mental.

In fact, the theory behind Prana suggests that we're multi-dimensional beings comprised of different "bodies" that permeate and complement the physical body. When there is a chronic disturbance or blockage in one of these levels – for example on the emotional level – it eventually seeps down until it manifests in the physical body as a sickness.

So for those who believe in Pranic Healing online, treating the body is the same as treating the soul, since both entities are just layered manifestations of the one and same individual vitality. Behind all visible dis-ease manifesting on the physical level, there are always faulty processes and energy blockages in the upper energetic bodies. The aim of the Pranic healer is to help remove such blockages so that the energy of the patient will flow freely - leading to a spontaneous correction of the vital flow, which ultimately restores balance into the physical body.

How does Pranic Healing work?

Pranic healings focus entirely on doing energy work. It does not rely on using any kind of drug or even tool to promote healing. Unlike other systems such as Reiki, Pranic healings do not even require touching the patient to transmit energy.

Healers who practice this system rely only on universal energy as means to balance the energy of their patients. To achieve this, the healer studies means to manipulate the energy systems and bio plasmic matter in a patient's body. A person using Prana to heal is not using their own energy to treat a patient; rather, they serve as a channel that bridges the gap between the patient and the universal energy whose healing powers are infinite.

The effectiveness of a treatment relying on Pranic healing is a function of the experience and skill of the healer, but even more so on the capacity of the person being healed to staying receptive to the treatment. Pranic healings were not conceived as a replacement for conventional medicine, but rather as a complement.

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