What is a Reiki healing?

Reiki is the art of improving your spiritual and physical well-being. Reiki healing is the art where your therapist will divert and channel positive energy that promotes stress reduction and healing.

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Reiki healings do not just focus on just healing the body, it addresses the patient's whole being from the body and emotions to your mind and spirit. Those who have experienced reiki treatments liken it to a glowing radiance after treatment, with a sense of calm descending upon them.

Reiki healings are a Japanese technique, where the belief is that you are more than your body. Each person has their own individual life force, this runs through us and sustains our lives. When your life force ebbs, this is what causes us to become sick or ill. On the other hand, if our life force is high then we are happy, on top of the world and are healthy. This is where reiki healings comes in, if you are feeling at low ebb, then your life force needs re-aligning. By utilizing a reiki healing therapist, you can channel your life force and achieve the ultimate goal of relaxation, as well as mental and physical well-being.

Reiki teachings stipulate that you have different energy fields, or auras, throughout your body. These all vibrate or pulse at different speeds and energies. All these pulses and vibrations, cause a field to surround them which is your aura, or energy field. Your aura field is extremely important as it sends and transmits signals from both your internal and external environments.

There are different energy levels and each are situated in a different place, each layer corresponds to a different function. What is known is each layer relates to the other, meaning they can be effected by each differing layer, as they are all interconnected. Out of these different layers, three can be felt by touch alone. These three fields, or layers, are the Etheric Field, the Emotional Field and the Mental field.

The Etheric Field is the first part of our energy body, this extends approximately ¼ to 2 inches from the body. It mimics the energy of the physical body.

The Emotional Field is where our thoughts, feelings and any stresses we carry around us are stored. This is our feelings center. It is situated about 1 to 3 inches beyond our physical body.

The Mental Field is linked to our thoughts and mental processes. It can be tuned into about 3 to 8 inches from our bodies.

Reiki healings

Reiki is useful for everyone, no matter your age, sex or ailments. It is a simple, natural and safe process that enables you to spiritually heal yourself. One of the real, tangible benefits of reiki healing is users feel immense self-improvement. Reiki has proven effective in helping nearly every known illness and issue.

Reiki can be used alongside many other medical and spiritual healing techniques, with no side effects. For those who are undertaking medical treatment, it has been proven to help relieve side effects of their treatment and to improve and speed up recovery processes.

Reiki healing online

You do not actually need to be physically present for Reiki to be effective. There have been a huge number of success stories, where people have been suffering from stresses or ailments, where a group of people, possibly on the other side of the world will send healing energy to the person in question. This person requiring this healing energy noted that they would suddenly feel a calming energy descend upon them.

Distance reiki healing online works by utilizing the energy fields that allow the phones, internet and other electronic devices to function. These devices are tuned to a set frequency to allow them to work. Reiki healing online works by harnessing this energy, and sending it where it is required. The therapist can tune into the energy frequency and send it to the person in need, much like connecting to a phone line or wifi. Reiki healing online taps into the energy that surrounds us, thus carrying all of these energies to the intended receiver.

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