What is a tarot card reader?

Tarot card reading is an ancient esoteric art and has been practiced for centuries around the globe. The tarot, first thought to be printed somewhere during the 15th century in Europe, consists of seventy-eight playing cards. The cards are split into two categories; the major and minor arcanas. This divination tool can help the user predict unforeseen future events, or just act as a guided type of mediation method. Tarot card readers are gifted with an ability to utilize the deck in such a way that they can bring messages and information from the spirit world to those who still reside on the earth planes. A tarot card reader can use this information, delivered through the selection of cards, to direct, advise and even warn people about difficulties that may lie ahead. Much like dream interpretation, tarot card reading requires careful study and analysis. The symbols on the cards pertain to all aspects of life but many think these symbols can be interpreted literally. For instance, the hang man card does not always point towards death, but rather to the death of a situation. Depending on the tarot card spread, a skilled and experienced tarot card reader can piece together a person's past, present and future prospects.


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Sue Rae
Sue Rae


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