How To Work With Selenite Crystals

Need a good clearing and energizing crystal? You need to know how to work with Selenite crystals!

Selenite is a good crystal for clearing negativity and reenergizing everything from people to the energy in your home! Read more to explore how to work with Selenite Crystals.

Selenite is a crystal that is pure white. Some of the raw pieces have inclusions or lines in them. Selenite is such a highly vibrational crystal that it doesn’t have to be cleared or cleansed, as it is very powerful in its own right.

It also can clear all your personal chakras if you use it by taking the crystal in your hand and waving it away from you. Run the crystal down your body then use the outward motion to clear any energy that is surrounding you.

Selenite is a good crystal to use to for the Crown Chakra, Soul Star Chakra and your Transpersonal Chakras (chakras that are located above the Soul Star Chakra).

Selenite can also be used to clear and charge other crystals. What you want to do is lay your crystals down near the Selenite, or if you have a Selenite log, you can lay the crystals right on it. Leave them to clear and charge on or near your Selenite for a couple of hours, and you are all set. 

Selenite comes in tumbled form and raw form and it is very easy to find. Your local crystal or metaphysical store should have some, and - because it is so plentiful - it usually isn't all that expensive.

I use this stone always in my Energy Healings, my readings (as I read crystals, too) and I also use it to help others clear their energy from time to time.

Putting this stone under your pillow at night is a great way to connect with it and let it pick up your energy. Selenite can help you have vivid dreams that you can remember and will also help you if you would like to astral travel. Pair this stone with Angelite and you'll be able to reach your angels and guides. You will find you are more open to information coming through if you carry the stone around with you or if you meditate with it.

This is one stone you don’t want to put in the sun as it will fade. You also don’t want to put it into salt to clear it, as salt can leave your Selenite with a pitted surface.

If you'd like to give your Selenite some extra zing and energy, you can put it in the window or outside at night as it resonates with the moon’s energy. It is named after the Moon Goddess Selene. This is why it helps with dream power and astral travel.

Aside from seeding your dreams and helping with astral travel, stone is also wonderful for past life recollection and to help you heal situations you have brought forward from past lives. You will see yourself in a situation - maybe a vivid dream or astral travel type situation - this is Selenite showing you where the healing needs to happen in your life and where it originated from.

You can pair Selenite with any stone at all and it will give it that extra boost needed to get it going. When your Selenite it is next to another stone, it will also clear and charge it while working together with its energy.

If you'd like to meditate with Selenite, you can put it on your Third Eye Chakra when you are lying down. You will find that you feel the energy running up and down your meridians and ley lines, clearing away the toxicity and also any stagnant energy that is there. Selenite is known as a high vibrational stone because of the energy and connection it gives you.

You can put a piece of Selenite in each corner of the rooms in your home in order to rid it of any negative energy and to bring peace and calm to the surrounding area.

There are different types of Selenite as well: there is a Desert Rose Selenite, Green Selenite, Golden Selenite, and even a Fishtail (more commonly known as Angel Wing) Selenite. It comes in wand form, too, and you can use that to clear your energy.  

When choosing a piece of Selenite, go by what calls you, as the crystal usually calls you to it. When you pick a crystal up, you will either feel warmth or cold coming from it, or even a few words might cross your mind. Personally, it seems like the crystals I choose usually send pins and needles in my hand all the way up my arm and then I know that crystal wants to come home with me.

Selenite was the first stone that I ever purchased when I started collecting crystals. I now have over 250 crystals and still use this one constantly because of it’s attributes. 

A WORD OF CAUTION WITH SELENITE: Do not ever put it in water as it will disintegrate. You also do not want to put it in any sea salt, as the sea salt will pit (or make holes in) it.

Would you like to get more advice from our Crystal Expert, Michele Hudson? Get a reading from her today!


Selenite image By Ra'ike (see also: de:Benutzer:Ra'ike) (Own work) [GFDL (, CC-BY-SA-3.0 ( or CC BY 2.5 (], via Wikimedia Commons


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