Psychic World Manifesto


We are constantly adapting to the fast-paced material outside world, facing many personal challenges, making more and more people feel the urge to bring back the divine into their lives.




We know the good feeling of being recognised and answered in our needs. Our experts have a sensitive character, it’s in their nature to tap into your thoughts and feelings and to offer expert advice accordingly: they are personally involved in giving you the attention you need. Whether that’s a lot or a little.


Clairaudient, clairsentient and clairvoyant experts use a wide range of senses to understand what impacts your mood and how to tap into hypersensitive characters. 

self-conscious lifestyle 

More and more people understand the importance of living a self-consciously, to listen to your gut, and if you need to, asking for help. Living a self conscious lifestyle

live life at the fullest potential 

Many of us come to realize we do not live every day in excitement neither do we love what we’re doing. We believe anyone can find the strength to turn the tide with a little help so that you can start living your life to the fullest. 

bring the divine into everyday life

We’ve lost the connection to the magical and divine side of life. Material concerns, greed and professional ambitions have taken over. In this community and through our platforms you will find access to a whole range of specialities as well as knowledge bases that will help you bring back the divine, the mystical back into your daily liv



boost your confidence

In today’s fast paced society, we’re always connected, our smartphones sync all our mail and social accounts 24/7, keeping the floodgates of access to other people's feelings and thoughts open all the time. Hereby blurring the lines that distinguish our work and private space. Expectations from “outside” are high, as are the expectations we have from ourselves. 

The constant access to feeds and posts and commentary and opinions from all our friends, colleagues, family members or celebrities we follow on facebook or instagram make us believe we must have an opinion an answer and commentary ready at all times. We think we’re compelled to post happy pictures and stories about our daily lives all the time. 

The truth is nobody can be alert and sharp and ready and positive and happy at all times. We all have issues. Unanswered matters that trouble our soul. Uncertainties and insecurities about love, life and relations in general are an inherent part of our lives. Psychic World offers a safe space where for just one moment you can be your plain self. A space where you can unload, share your issues, find answers and ultimately give your self-confidence a healthy boost.




Become a better version of yourself.


The spiritual void we feel in our hearts is not a fatality,  we have the right to become excited about every single moment, to start looking forward to what’s coming up next and living our best life.



top rated advisors from around the world

The proof is in the pudding, at Psychic World we only hire experts that have a minimum average of 4 out 5 stars and a minimum of 5 years of experience in the online advice industry. Our qualified experts come from all continents and wakes of life.  

people who care

It takes empathic people who know about loss, heartache and other issues to tap into similar emotions of others and understand those emotions so that they can give useful advice. 

intimate experience 

We offer a framework and setting that enables anyone to share his or her deepest secrets in all intimacy and privacy. Psychic World is a secure safespace. 

spiritual community 

We are a real, united community of experts and users who are interested in self improvement and in parapsychology and other forms of esoteric knowledge. 

real answers from real people for real people 

Our experts are genuine, flesh and bone individuals with their share of real life issues and uncertainties. This is why they can identify with your issues and provide real and useful answers to your life, love, relationship and money questions. 



The experts at Psychic World offer the tools not to sever or deny feelings but rather to be less reactive, to choose your battles, to take back the power you have to not be hurt and live a better life.


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