Why join the PsychicWorld family?

At PsychicWorld we are constantly looking for the best spiritually gifted psychics. We would love to tell our story and what the PsychicWorld family has to offer you. 

Why we do what we do?

As an expert on the website and representative of the PsychicWorld brand we would like to tell you about the two core aspects of our brand positioning at all times, while chatting, or calling or posting on your social media channels, this is what we stand for:

The PsychicWorld brand essence:
"Become a better version of yourself"
The PsychicWorld brand promise: 
"Boost your confidence"

The brand essence as defined above is the one constant across everything we will be doing the coming years. Make it yours. Every-time you address a customer, make sure you have the essence of PsychicWorld in mind.

Customers come to our site to become a better version of themselves, to improve their lives and we provide them the tools to get there. You, as expert advisors, give customers the tools to become better people, blooming individuals, over time.

The promise, everytime they connect and have a session is that they'll leave the site more confident then when they first got there! Put in a sentence we get something like:

“The experts at PsychicWorld offer the tools not to deny feelings but rather to be less reactive, to choose your battles, to take back the power you have to not be hurt and live a better life. ”

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Why join our growing family?

On a daily basis we receive many spiritual requests from people who are looking for spiritual readings. As a psychic you will help these people by answering important life questions. 

Your psychic gifts will form the foundation of an empowering online reading and will help people become a better version of themselves. 

  • You get paid per minute.
  • Flexible times are possible in consultation.
  • Reach thousands of people on one of the largest spiritual websites in the US.
  • Work internationally on other subsidiary websites of PsychicWorld.

Do you match our selection criteria?

Are you spiritually gifted, a pleasant person to deal with and do you meet the following job criteria?

Job criteria:
  • You are available for at least 20 hours a week.
  • You can be deployed flexibly (also in the evenings).
  • You can work from home on a desktop or laptop on a stable internet
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