PsychicWorld makeover!

PsychicWorld makeover!

Last weekend we released a full makeover of the PsychicWorld website, because let’s be honest, it was about time! Over the last couple of months we've worked tirelessly to make this happen. We have processed your valuable feedback and are ready to kick-off 2020 in style. 

The current changes on the website are in 'beta'. This is a technical term for saying the website is not completely finished yet and small problems could arise (so please be lenient and know that we will fix all the issues that are are reported).

We are still working on an additional set of updates (to be released coming weeks) in order to make this website the best place on the internet to chat with your favorite psychics. In the mean time, let us know if you have any feedback: 

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Release notes

We love to give you an overview of all the changes in the new website!

New homepage

We have changed our homepage. From now on we’ll show 3 top psychics on the homepage. If you want to go to complete overview then you’ll have to click on the button: “More psychics”

All psychics page

The “all psychics” page is now the only page on the website with a complete overview of all available psychics. 

Above the psychics overview we have placed links to the most popular categories. It will now be easier for you to navigate to your favorite category. 

You can always navigate to the “all psychics” page via the menu bar.

New FAQ page

On this new page you’ll be able to find answers to all your PsychicWorld related questions.

New desktop menu

We have changed the menu items in the menu when you visit us on a desktop or laptop. 

We have added the FAQ and contact page to the menu. And we have removed the free card reading page. You can still navigate to the card reading page via the homepage. 

New mobile menu

You open and close the mobile menu by clicking in the top right of your mobile screen. 

In the new menu you are able to log in and to log out. 

The mobile menu has now three new items: “all psychics” (clickable), “top up credit” (clickable) and the total amount of available credits which is not clickable. 

Bonus bar and message bar combined

The bonus bar is the purple that keeps track of your ability to top up credits with extra bonus credits. This bonus bar now also shows a green bar when you have an unread message in your PsychicWorld inbox. 

New psychic profiles

The Psychic profiles are also updated. We now devide the psychic categories into: “skills” and “specialisms”. Skills are the tools psychics use to get information. Specialisms are the topics they can help you with. 

We moved all the background information lower on the profile. You’ll be able to still read the whole background of a psychic bij clicking “read more”.

New logo and colors! 

We have a new logo! You’ll see this logo popping up more and more in our email, social media and of course or website. 

We also changed our color scheme. It’s great right?

We haven't changed everything just yet... 

We have worked hard on these changes but unfortunately not everything on the website is changed yet. The chat environment is still in the old design and there are a few more places where we use the old design. In the next coming weeks we will roll out a new big update with new changes.

We are still working on a new big update to make the whole website a great place to chat with your favorite psychics. Be patient and let us know if you have any feedback: 

Feedback form