Meet This Week's FEATURED ADVISOR, Ena

Tarot Cards, Gypsy Fortune Cards and Astrology are some of Ena's tools

Ena uses a variety of tools to help her clients see what the energies that are currently present are, and also the potential outcomes. You can read more about here here!

Thank you, Ena, for taking the time to be our Featured Expert this week! Let's get on with the interview!

Psychic World (PW): What's your name and how you describe what you do?

Ena: My name is Ena.

I use divination tools to try to enter into future development of events, predictions are the subject of my interests. So I learnt Tarot , Astrology. I Ching, along with fortune telling cards such as Gypsy fortune telling and Sybilla decks and dowsing pendulum. My aim is to get a clear picture about of what the coming time period holds for us regarding specific situation or life phase. I believe that no situation is fixed, everything constantly changes and that there is a pattern of development, and that is where divination can help us see where we are and where we stand.

I’m not religious but deeply believe in God , Deus ex Machina or an Unexpected force that suddenly appears and fixes things, so I become aware that no divination system can really enter into far future and that our free will has a main role in our lives. All major life changes can be only partly predicted and definite outcomes cannot be seen, which is good because we always have space and time and means to willingly decide about situation that bothers us. After all, our lives are subject to unexpected factors and surprises, fortunes as well as misfortunes, and no psychic can change that or intervene.

I can present you with energies currently present, and potential outcome, but please bear in mind that you are the one who has the last word and that your one move can completely change the outcome. So decision is on you, not on me.

Psychic World (PW): Do you have a story about how you got started? How long have you been working with your gifts?

Ena: I learnt to read very early. By my 4th birthday I was able to read very fluently, so books became my obsession and by the time I went to high school, I had already read most of the novels available in libraries. When I was about 13-14, I had already started to seriously read about psychology, psychiatry etc. So Jung gave me a plenty of material to think about divination and esoteric. It was a period of end of primary school when I already was deeply interested in subjects such as archetypes, how things work from inside, psyche, soul investigations, and, of course, insight into the future. Many things were subjects of my intensive learning: Ji Ching was my first divination love, then Astrology came along, then Tarot cards, Gypsy fortune telling cards, and pendulum too.

Psychic World (PW): What are your favorite tools/decks/methods of reading?

Ena: I mostly use Tarot cards, the Rider-Waite deck, since it is most comprehensive, with a strong symbolism and I find it is the fastest way to get answers, it offers the deepest insight into where we are now and where are we going with our lives. I often use my Gypsy and Sibilla decks, which are great for insight into everyday happenings and situations and for more specific questions. I use Horary Astrology, a way to answer most specific questions,

Psychic World (PW): Are there any areas you adore working in? (love, career, empowerment)? Or any people you feel that you connect with best (single women who are healing from a past relationship/those who are looking for spiritual advancement)?

Ena: The only thing I don’t like to do and don’t like to answer are health questions since responsibility is too great. I also do not like to give direct instructions about what person should do, since a client is the one with the last word in deciding what to do. Choices and decisions are always on the client. Always. I can present him/her with tendencies and general insights.

I can clearly see if client is in good position or not. All questions, except health related questions, are welcomed. Love insights, self-development, career insights, and general readings are my favorite.

Psychic World (PW): Any stories about working with a client that you'd like to share or any paranormal/enlightening/near death experiences you feel were significant to your work?

Ena: Well, concentration exercises made miracles for my intuition, brought me even to a state of visions of exact future scenes and exact sentences someone will say. I've also had strong symbolic dreams.

But....I’m a pragmatic person, standing firmly, with both feet on the ground, not letting the other side rule over the real, everyday world, so advice I give you will never be too spiritual, but very realistic and earthy. I’m not part of any spiritual beliefs nor any spiritual school, nor group. I’m just an individual with specific interests in divination.

Thanks again, Ena, for the fabulous interview!

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