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What is the community?

We’re people interested in spirituality and helping others. Our ambition is to build the very first truly global esoteric chat portal that will connect members of our community with the world's most renowned Clairvoyant, Clairaudient and Clairsentient Medium Psychics and Tarot Card Readers.

Can I get free readings?

You can possibly get the first 3 minutes of a reading for free; it is however at the discretion of the advisor you choose for your reading. If he or she wants to offer the 1st 3 minutes of their reading(s) for free, they can do so.

If he or she does not select this option in their profile then it will not be possible to get a free reading.

Can I get a private reading?

Absolutely. Unlike other platforms all the readings on PSYCHICWORLD are private readings. We believe in privacy and intimacy.

Can I get an email reading?

Yes you can!




How does a chat reading work on

1) Create a free account by clicking on the register button in the top right corner of the website. You can create an account using your email address or your Facebook account.

2) Add funds using your credit card details or PayPal.

3) Select an advisor of your liking and click on the let’s chat button. Remember: the advisor/psychic medium must be online for the live chat session to be possible.

Enjoy your reading!

How do you register with a free user account on

*Click on the register button. Then create an account by either:

*Entering a valid email address + a unique password of your choosing

*Or by clicking on the Connect with Facebook button at the bottom of the register form.

That’s it!

How do I end a chat session with an advisor?

Just click on the End session button and confirm in the popup. The chat session will immediately be terminated.

How can I rate an advisor after a chat session?

We will prompt you in a popup that will appear automatically after you terminated a session with an advisor. In this popup you will be able to rate the advisor with stars from 1 to 5 (poor to great). You also have the possibility to add text to the rating.

How do I know if an advisor is online?

We always display online advisors on top. Hereby we also display the status in text and color above the Let’s Chat button on the advisor placeholders. Finally you can click on the Psychic page and use the Online – Offline filter to see all the advisors whoa re online at any given moment.




How do I buy credits?

We created a simple and intuitive popup that enables you to add funds in a few clicks, quickly and without hurdles. Just choose the amount of credits you desire to purchase. Then select the method of payment you whish to use, Credit Card or PayPal.

If you pay with credit card follow the instructions in the add credits popup that appears. Enter your card number, expiration date, cvc code and alternatively your mobile number for quick top up in the future.

If you pay using PayPal, then follow the instruction in the PayPal payment windows that will appear.

Where do I see my credit balance?

We believe and transparence and clarity. Therefore we always display your balance at any given time in the top right corner of the website.  

How do I add credits?

The same you way you buys credits the 1st time. Using the same payment popup.

Can I change my payment method?

Yes of course. Currently we only support Credit Card and PayPal, if you use one you can at any give time choose to make future payments using the other alternative. You can also change the Credit Card you used previously with a new Credit Card.

Can I see my transaction history?

Yes you can. If you click on your name in the top tight corner of the website you will see a set of options, user settings related to your account. Click on the Transaction history button in the left hand navigation tab. There we display a comprehensive list of all your past transactions, including amounts and date of transaction.




What if I am not happy with a reading I received?

If you are unhappy or if you have complaints then feel free to send us an email through the contact form or mail directly: describing your complaint or issue in detail and in writing.

We will process your complaint in the briefest of delays and notify you of the measure we will undertake.

I encountered technical difficulties during a chat reading or during register/login, what do I do?

Send us an email at describing your technical issue. We will come back with a solution swiftly.



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