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How do I become an advisor on

All you have to do is navigate to and to fill-in the online form. Once we have received your contact information we will do a background check and - if we like what we see - we will contact you for a test reading.

How will my profile be listed on the PsychicWorld website?

If you are admitted onto the website, we will use the information you submitted to create the 1st version of your public profile. After your 1st login, you will be able to adjust some information at will. If you would like to add a long bio or video to your profile, just email it to us!

How do sign in

Click on the login button (link) in the top right corner of the website and use your e-mail address + password or click on the Authenticate with Facebook button if that’s the way you created your account initially. 

How do I change my availability status on the website?

In order to keep it simple, we added a toggle button on the top right side of the navigation bar. You will automatically be online once logged in. If you are taking a break or going out for lunch you simply change your status by toggling the online button to offline.

How do I know if I’m online?

When the toggle button displays ONLINE it means you are online.

When will clients reach out to me?

From the moment you are online, clients will be able to reach you by clicking on the Let’s Chat button.

How do I know clients are trying to start a session with me?

You will see a popup with a request for chat session. You have the option to accept or refuse the prompt.

How do I know how much money I’ve earned?

Just as we display credit balance in the top right main navigation bar for clients, we display your total earnings in the top right main navigation bar.

During a live session, you will see your balance updated dynamically.

Can I refuse a chat session request? What are the consequences?

Yes, you can. There will be no consequences. However, we do expect advisors to answer chat requests regularly.  PLEASE DO NOT ACCEPT A REQUEST JUST TO TELL THE CLIENT YOU ARE BUSY.

Can I block a client from reaching out to me?

Yes, you can block a client/user from reaching out to you, without having to change your status to offline.

Do I need to install software to use the PsychicWorld real time chat tool?

No, you do not! That’s one of the beautiful things about it. It all happens online in the safe and trusted environment of your browser. No software, plugins or complex installations are needed to get started.

When and how do I get paid?

Every Wednesday! Just click on the request payout button in your personal settings. Payments of $20 or more are processed weekly.

Updated 5/23/2017


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