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How it works - Chat with an expert

With the live psychic chat app from Psychic World you can reach any of our experts around the world, regardless of where you are, what timezone you are located in or what time it is. When one of our experts is logged on and connected to the live psychic chat app you can talk, chat or initiate a video call with them. 


Custom build and designed psychic chat app

Our custom build psychic chat app was designed and programmed specifically for this website. Instead of buying software we took the costlier and lenghtier 'build' decision so that we would come up with designs and functionalities for the application that specifically match the needs of our team of qualified psychic readers. The first version of the psychic chat app was released in 2015 and has been improved and updated continuously over the years so that you can now enjoy the benefits of an empowering live chat without any problems.


Click below for a quick video tutorial showing you how to use the Psychic World chat app. 


How it works - Schedule an appointment



How it works - Messaging tool


How it works - Reviews


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