Madhur The Mystic Sage

Let us see beyond 5 senses. Direct insight on thoughts & feelings. Helped more than 1500 people.



A deeply caring & compassionate 3rd generation natural psychic, a spiritual healer and a relationship expert. I have an extensive background in dealing with love & relationship problems , crisis situations and working with individuals going through extreme emotional turmoil. 

My natural abilities include being able to look into the future and connect with the energies of the people in relationships. I can read their minds giving them the accurate prediction. Thanks to my expertise, I am able to reunite lovers and save relationships .I have found great success in reaching solutions for people who have suffered marital problems and physical & mental abuse.

My other abilities include being able to detect cheating partners, helping people find their soul mates, dream interpretation and past life reading. My powers also extend to relieving stress and anxiety.  I have learnt how deep of an impact spirituality can have, how it actually changes lives for the better and  would  help you to live your life from a spiritual perspective. I have an ability to see beyond the five senses. 



I can help you convert the negative experiences into positive gains by focusing on those specific changes that will bring about balance to your life and the people surrounding you.  If you allow me to help you once, I can guarantee that you’ll notice a real change for the better in your life. Every client is treated with utmost confidentiality. I am only a single click away and will give you a fast, honest and accurate reading.

  • Love & Relationship

  • Soul Mate Connections

  • Reuniting Loved Ones

  • Breaking up & Divorce

  • Cheating & Affairs

  • Single & Dating

  • Same sex Relationships

  • Intimacy

  • Career

  • Family

  • Past Life Regression

  • Dream Interpretation

  • Photo Reading

  • Angel Card Reading

  • Angelic Messages

  • Astrology

  • Numerology



I have 29 years’ experience in helping people solving their relationship problems using my expertise and clairvoyance. Lived in many Ashrams with sages learning  yoga , tantra under “the vows of working for humanity”. I also use positive behavior inculcation therapy and situational analysis for solving relationship conflicts. Self-accountability, personal grooming and self development are the part of my counseling techniques.

As a life coach and therapist, I believe in generating and amplifying clients’ own powers and directing them towards spiritual enlightenment. In fact, we all have latent powers within ourselves and the only thing we need is a gentle push in the right direction and a proper guidance afterwards. Through my god gifted abilities and qualities, I can guide and help you if you are not able to take decisions and have lost hopes.


Felt my powers

I had worked in an NGO for 7 years. While working there in 1988, I felt that I was able to see the cause of the problems people used to come with before they could tell me any details about it. I was able to make out what all was happening & troubling them and what all they needed to get out of it. I was finding it easier to explore the cause, probabilities and possibilities, thus guiding them accordingly. This is how my skills were honed.


What do I offer during a reading: 

1) Quality - your troubles or misfortune are not a matter of fun to me and I am taking them very seriously as my own. 

2) Accuracy - Although there are always some chances that prediction or advice will be slightly mistaken (when it comes to time frames) my readings been proven accurate in the past many times and I am here to promise you that your satisfaction is very important to me. 

3) Online Hours: you will find that I am here for you most of the time including the wee hours so I can be there for you, preventing those burning questions depriving you of sleeping hours and help ease your mind. 

My e-readings are promised within 24 hours but you will find that usually I complete them in several hours. If its urgent and you can’t find me online, try one of my e readings as first aid. 
If you mention your urgency I will do my best to serve you as soon as I am online. 

4) Love and compassion are always at hand while a reading takes place, I allow myself actually to become you, so I can see for you what will serve you the best. I will not provide you with solutions that are impossible for you to handle. When I give advice It is my wish that you will be able to use it. If there is negative news to give you, I will not sugar coat them but I am also not approving of Fear mongering. Life is subjected to changes constantly and there is nothing bad or good that lasts forever. With that in mind I will help you see through negative influences and help you search how to avoid them.


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Amazing reading again. Just wanted to let him know what had happened between yesterday and today. He knew what is happening already and things are taking shape as he saw it in his vision.

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