Are you tired of searching for your soulmate? Are you fed-up of all the fighting and fussing at home? Or are you simply looking for guidance, for someone to help you fulfil your dreams? Then maybe it’s time for you to turn to a professional psychic reading. Talk to a psychic advisor, a tarot reader or one of our dream interpreters and discover the power of an online psychic chat.  

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Rainbow Catriona
ExpertsLove tarot readingPsychic readings

Love & Career. Possibilities & Probabilities. Tarot. Oracle Cards. Crystal Reader. Angel Card Messa...
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Sheri Baldwin
Angel card readingAutomatic writingBreaking up & divorce

TESTED CERTIFIED International Psychic, Angel & Spiritual Guidance, Reiki Master, LGBTQ Expert
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Mystic Sage
Love & relationshipsPsychic readings

Living beyond the 5 senses. I will give you direct insight into your thoughts & feelings and provide...
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Psychic Amber
DreamsEmotions and characterExperts

Spiritualist specialist in love/relationship I come from a generation of natural gifted psychics.
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The Crystal Shaman
AstrologyCareer & financeDestiny & life

Born with guidance and gifted hands, it was inevitable that I would dedicate my life to helping othe...
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The Divine Prince Ty Emmecca
Career & financeClairvoyanceFortune telling

As seen on Television: World-Renowned celebrity Psychic Spiritualist Practitioner! Expert Professio...
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Psychic medium Carol lightworker
AstrologyEmotions and characterFortune telling

Psychic clairvoyant medium and🔮 lightworker 4th generation psychic over 20 years of experience born...
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Breaking up & divorceClairvoyanceHome & family

------- NEW PSYCHIC ------- Positive, compassionate & accurate Psychic. Direct insights in your thou...
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Life provides its fair share of puzzles and mysteries. We all wonder sometimes what the future has in store for us. Is (new) love around the corner, should you get out of an apparently toxic relationship? Do you feel like you are always unlucky and never hold a winning hand? Maybe you are unhappy at work? If any of these questions resonate, it’s time you start the journey to discover your path to true happiness with a psychic reading. There are many chat rooms out there but none of these psychic networks curate their online psychics like we do.




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Psychic Reading Guide


Discover all types of psychic readings. Choose yours and get the answers you’re looking for.




All you need to know about Psychic Readings

It’s important to understand that a psychic reading is a two-way process. You hold the key to a successful session. To understand how you should conduct your 1st psychic reading to get the most out of it read our guide.


Are online psychic readings real?

Many prospective clients have asked specifically about the differences between an online and a face-to-face psychic reading. Are online readings real? Can psychics tap into energy although we are located thousand of miles apart? The truth is, yes, gifted psychics can tap into energies of remote subjects. The principle is very much the same. Energies surround us, regardless of where we are located physically. Whether you are moments away or halfway around the world, qualified psychic advisors will be capable of giving you accurate and helpful insights.

Sessions on Psychic World take place in an online chat session, questions and answers are exchanged real-time with actual live psychics.


What is the best type of psychic reading?

It depends on two factors. What are you looking to get out of your reading and what are the questions you want to answer. Tarot readers offer different insights than traditional mediums. At PsychicWorld we have experts for all your needs and that offer a whole range of readings. You can find the perfect advisor for you by browsing the website on themes or specialities. To address financial matters browse here, for heartache or other relationships browse here. Our mediums and advisors all have one common denominator. They are empathic, professional and experienced. Once you've found the perfect expert for your needs you can initiate a chat reading, if you prefer, know that many of our experts also offer phone readings! 


Tools of the Trade

Many advisors use tools during Psychic readings. These will vary depending on the questions you ask as well as on the training and background of the advisor you selected. Expertise at PsychicWorld covers amongst others: tarot card readings, numerology, astrology, tea leaf interpretation, remote viewing and mirror gazing. To get a better understanding of what our experts have to offer you can browse through our website.


Why chose PsychicWorld?

  • We offer the best online chat interface for psychic readings
  • Enjoy the convenience of an empowering session from the comfort of your home → organise an online session at a moment convenient for you.
  • Amazing advisors, many of whom are certified,
  • Life changing experience,
  • Great rates, lot’s of bonuses → 3 Free minutes and 50% BONUS for new users. Recurring bonus for loyal customers


PsychicWorld for your needs

Psychic readings offers answers where traditional wisdom stops. If it’s your first time, you will be very surprised at the accuracy of a session. Getting a reading from trained professionals is always informative and helpful and sometimes even life-changing. On this website you will only find legit psychics and mediums. The best psychics mediums are on PsychicWorld and not on psychic source. 

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