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This complete guide provides answers to all your questions about online psychic readings. How accurate are online psychic readings? What does it cost to get a top psychic reading online? What skills do they have? What questions you should ask psychic readers. Click and find out. 

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Let me guide you to your twin flame and life path 99.9% acc
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Rainbow Catriona


Love and life. Possibilities and probabilities.
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22+ Years Exp. Accurate Love Readings 2 FREE MINUTES
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Britney Ann


Twin Flame & Soulmate specialist + certified energy healer
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New psychic


Clear and caring psychic guidance
InfidelityLove & RelationshipsMoney & Prosperity
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New psychic


Intuitive Counselor & Healer | Card and Rune Specialist
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Clairvoyant, Clairsentient & Clairaudient Empathic Reader
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Trish TM


Life Coach✨Love✨Truth✨Soul Guidance ✨Tarot Wisdom✨
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Seeing beyond the senses. Empowered +125000 people!
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Psychic Readings Online: The Ultimate Guide

Answers to everything you always wanted to know about Psychic Reading Mediums, their abilities and how to get the most out of your online reading.

by PsychicWorld.com©

woman with green shirt smiling on the phone

Are you searching for a soulmate? Is your love life under pressure? Are you done with all the fighting at home? Or are you simply looking for guidance to get more control over your mind, body and your life in general.

Then a psychic reading might well be the right tool to help you address all or some of these challenges.

It’s time for you to turn to one of our experts at PsychicWorld. Talk to one of our psychic advisors; a tarot reader or one of our dream interpreters to get the answers you’re looking for and begin your journey of self discovery.

A psychic, or psychic medium is someone able to use their senses to perceive information beyond the physical dimension.

It is an awareness and ability to process sensory data that is still to be explained by modern science, tapping into vibrations and energy that we can read on an emotional and spiritual level.

They use their senses to attune to the energy of the person being read to bring clarity, heal and help them grow spiritually. A psychic is a guide to unlocking your full potential and finding the path to your life’s journey.

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Getting started with psychic readings

Why should I get a psychic reading?

Have you been feeling lonely lately, or maybe just misunderstood at home or at work. Perhaps a loved one, someone you were close to passed away recently or is gravely ill. Maybe you are in a dark place or you simply find it really difficult to cope with the challenges that you are facing on a daily basis. Or maybe you have self confidence issues and simply feel that you are not living life to your full potential. 

If the answer to one or more of these questions is positive well it's time you consider getting an empowering reading by one of our psychics, mediums, coaches, reiki masters or tarot readers. You can even use psychic readings as a form of spiritual self-care. As one of our redactors once said:

"The experts at PsychicWorld offer the tools not to deny feelings but rather to be less reactive, to choose your battles, to take back the power you have to not be hurt and live a better life." - Alisson Dubois

And this is why you should get psychic readings. Because you have been looking for new insights and answers to some of life's most difficult questions. Scheduling a series of live sessions with one or more of our coaches will help you:

  • find answers,
  • boost your confidence and
  • ultimately become a better version of yourself
  • so that you can live a better life.

Why choose a PsychicWorld Psychic ?

Our psychic reading site was listed in the 5 Best Psychic Reading Sites by Discover Magazine for three consecutive years. Based on accuracy and ratings PsychicWorld ended above brands like Keen or Psychic Source who have been active for over 20 years. 

  • top rated advisors from around the world
  • people who care
  • intimate experience
  • real answers from real people for real people

We are proud to work with the very best psychics and mediums who offer the most reliable online chat. We’re all about choosing a psychic that’s right for you.With our experienced network of psychics you can organise an online session with a relevant advisor in a matter of seconds.

Enjoy an empowering session of psychic readings and tarot readings with our certified experts from the convenience and comfort of your home. 

Engage in a life changing experience! Get the answers where traditional wisdom stops and provide informed and helpful solutions.

Great rates with lots of bonuses, including new user deals and loyalty bonuses for returning customers: 20 chat minutes for only 10 dollars for new users. Recurring bonus for loyal customers

Don’t wait! Register for free, enjoy 20 minutes for only 10 dollars and experience the empowerment of this insight and knowledge.

How does an online psychic reading work?

One very common frustration that many individuals have highlighted is the fact that some online psychic reading websites only offer advice around a specific topic such as love, money or success. You can rest assured that this is not the case with PsychicWorld. While the standards for our readers are quite strict, we are extremely flexible in terms of the topics that you wish to discuss.

Online readings from PsychicWorld work exactly the same as how psychic readings work in general. From the common to the extremely personal, we approach each case with a second-to-none levels of discretion and attention to your desires. Whether this is your first time experiencing a spiritual reading or you have been let down by other sources, you will be pleasantly surprised with PsychicWorld. Our spiritual readings and psychic reading are as informative as they are rewarding.

If you would like to learn more or if you are finally ready to address some of the most challenging problems in your life, please register and begin your journey to personal happiness.

women reading tarot outside on a beach

How can I start a tarot readings?

To start you simply need to subscribe. Once you have subscribed you'll be able to buy credits that are the currency of PsychicWorld and what you will pay your chosen medium with and get tarot readings and  psychic readings. Get registered today and start a conversation with one of our experts now!

We use an App that works on your laptop, tablet and mobile phone. Once you have created an account this will be your one stop shop to access past readings and access news ones.

Are the psychics on PsychicWorld live?

Yes. All our readers are live. Our psychics are ready to answer your question in person with our online chat.

They will read your energies and help you grow and become a better version of yourself. Start a chat and have a live reading now.

What are psychic reading apps?

Psychic reading apps are applications that you use to chat or talk with a psychic. PsychicWorld is for example an online web app that works in the browser. You're able to use our app on your laptop, tablet and mobile phone.

The web application works like any other app. You have to create an account and your chat conversations will be stored in your account.

A big benefit over mobile web apps is that you don't have to download or upgrade the PsychicWorld online chat. Just use whenever and wherever you like. You'll just need an internet connection.

What to expect from a psychic mediums

There are many possible outcomes from psychic medium. If you are open and honest and not afraid of what you might hear, psychic readings and tarot readings will help you answer some of your most pressing questions so that you can find peace, happiness and comfort in your life. If you don't bond with your reader, for whatever reason that might be, you might not get a lot of life changing insights. 

Either-way, a reading on this platform will always be an intimate, personal and safe experience. That's the PsychicWorld promise. These readings can even help you plan your life, which is one of the biggest reasons why you need to get a professional birth chart reading online.

What happens during a tarot reading?

Every reader has a different way of conducting a tarot reading. Some things though are always very similar, regardless of who is on the other side of the line.Before the session, make sure you have a collection of questions for tarot reading—these can include career questions to ask a psychic or questions to ask a psychic about love as well as other, general, queries.

Generally, a session starts with a cordial introduction and the reader asking you why you are here. What is the question you want to get answered. Once the problem has been defined, a reader generally asks you for some background information about your partner, ex-partner, deceased loved one, or yourself. 

Some experts will ask for more information. Most astrologers for example will ask you for your date of birth (DOB).

The readers will then enter into an intimate communicative rapport with you and help you find the path you need to walk to boost your confidence, find answers to what is tormenting you and hereby help you improve as a person.      

Trustworthy and accurate psychic readings

Is it a sin to get a free online psychic reading?woman flipping tarot cards on a table

Did you ever ask yourself, is a psychic reading evil, maybe someone told you they were forbidden or even dangerous. Let's get things clear right off the bat. Psychic readings are not evil nor dangerous. So why do some people fear them?  

Many readers use divination tools and unorthodox methods to tap into surrounding energies that are considered by many religions as occult practices. Some people just do not want to be associated with occult practices out of superstition, whether they are religious or not. Some people, unrightfully, fear they will draw evil if they get psychic readings. 

Lastly, fear of the unknown as well as outright fear of what you might hear, what you will be told during a online psychic reading session will shun people away from getting a reading. 

The truth is that you should not fear a live psychic chat reading session. If conducted by trained and wintered professionals, psychic readings can be a great source of personal improvement and empowerment.

How real are psychics?

We have often been asked about the differences between an online and a face-to-face psychic reading. Are online readings real? Can psychics tap into energy although we are located thousand of miles apart? The truth is, yes, gifted psychics can tap into energies of remote subjects.

The principle is very much the same. Energies surround us, regardless of where we are located physically. Whether you are moments away or halfway around the world, qualified psychic advisors will be capable of giving you accurate and helpful insights.

Sessions on PsychicWorld take place in an online chat session, questions and answers are exchanged real-time with actual live psychics. You won’t have to worry about finding a reputable psychic medium, as everyone on the site has been thoroughly vetted to make sure their readings are accurate and reliable.

Are online psychic reading actually live?

Yes. Our experts psychics and mediums have powerful gifts that allow them to receive information about your past, present and future life. Accuracy depends simply on the information you are willing to share with your medium.

Many prospective clients have asked specifically about the differences between an online and face-to-face reading.

Can psychics really tap into your energy when they are located thousands of miles away? Yes. Gifted psychics can tap into energies of remote subjects. The principle is very much the same and our qualified advisors will be capable of giving you accurate and helpful information and insight.

Tools of the Trade used during a reading

The use of tools is common. These will vary depending on the questions you ask as well as on the training and background of the advisor you select. Expertise at PsychicWorld covers amongst others:

To get a better understanding of what our experts have to offer you can browse through our directory of psychics.

Prices: how much do you need to pay for a psychic reading

Are you looking for free online psychic?

Cheap psychic readings don't have to be bad readings. PsychicWorld offers psychics the opportunity to lower their prices if they like. We offer 4 different types of packages. 1 dollar, 2, 4 and 6 dollar packes.

Are you a new user? Well then we offer you a 50% introduction discount too. Start a 20 minute psychics reading for only 10 dollars. Go to our welcome page and don't spent much money on a cheap psychic reading.

Can I have a 10 minute reading for 1 dollar?

We offer all new users a great welcome offer that allows you to chat 15 minutes for only 10 dollar. You can also get 10 minute readings for a dollar when you redeem a 'buy one get one'  free bonus coupon that are regularly shared with members of the PsychicWorld community by email and on our social media channels. Regardless, 10 minute readings are comparatively very cheap on PsychicWorld, as opposed to competing platforms. 

Can I do 1.99 psychic on PsychicWorld?

$1.99 psychic readings are not possible on PsychicWorld. We do have $1 per minute deals. We have four distinct categories of Psychic Mediums and a unique price associated with each one of them. For more details about our: $1, $2, $4 and $6 readers and coaches see the pricing page.

Chat or call with your favourite psychics cheaply. 1.99 psychics are screened and selected for their spiritual gifts. When you are new to PsychicWorld you could make use of our special site offers that allows you to have a 15 minute online reading for only 10 dollar, that is 0,66 dollar per minute!

woman angel card reading red candles

$1 psychic readings

1$ dollar psychics readings are possible on PsychicWorld. With our welcome offer psychics are even cheaper and you can already start a chat or phone conversation of 15 minute for 10 dollars. Our crystal clear pricing allows you to chat with four different categories of psychics, whose price ranges from $1 to $6 dollar per minute.

How to get a free psychic reading

New users get free minutes the firsts time they join the community. Besides, some experts have the built-in marketing tools to offer free minutes to any of their customers. This means that as you build rapport with a coach there is a high probability you will get free readings once in a while. 

The PsychicWorld free minutes and free credits offers are legitimate. As you look into the best free minutes or free credits offer for you, don't forget to read the terms of all our different offers as some require you to purchase minutes to redeem the offer.

Psychic reading near me prices

In the PsychicWorld local psychic directory you will find listings of Psychics, Mediums and coaches in and around your area. Prices are also available and if they are missing you can contact the expert to inquire about their minute tariffs or tariff per reading. 

Psychic reading pricing: conclusions

How to decide whether to email, chat, call text or talk in person with a psychic?


Are email online psychic reading accurate?

You are able to ask the psychic for a one time paid reading. The psychic will create it and send it to your account on PsychicWorld. You will then receive an email notification with a link to the one time email reading.

Can psychics read over the phone?

Psychic readings by phone are possible on PsychicWorld. You are able to chat and talk with your favourite mediums. You prefer talking to a psychic than to chat with them? No problem, you decide how you will spend your credits.

The best psychic phone readings are the ones that help you become a better version of yourself. Do you have questions about love or relationships? Talk to one of our psychics by phone and during your call they will help you grow and figure out your questions.

Can a psychic really do readings via online chat? 

What is the best type of online psychic for me?

It depends on two factors. What are you looking to get out of your reading and what are the questions you want to answer.

Tarot readers offer different insights than psychic mediums for example.

At PsychicWorld we have experts for all your needs and that offer a whole range of readings. You can find the perfect advisor for you by browsing the website on themes or specialities.

To address financial matters browse here, for heartache or other relationships browse here. Our mediums and advisors all have one common denominator. They are empathic, professional and experienced.

Once you've found the perfect expert for your needs you can initiate a chat reading, if you prefer, know that many of our experts also offer phone readings! 

It depends on two factors. What are you looking to get out of your reading and what are the questions you want to answer. Tarot readers offer different insights than traditional mediums. At PsychicWorld we have experts for all your needs and that offer a whole range of readings. You can find the perfect advisor for you by browsing the website on themes or specialities.

To address financial matters browse here, for heartache or other relationships browse here. Our mediums and advisors all have one common denominator. They are empathic, professional and experienced. Once you've found the perfect expert for your needs you can initiate a chat reading, if you prefer, know that many of our experts also offer phone readings!

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That’s ok, if you need a little more convincing you can consult the reviews page and see what others before you had to say about getting an empowering reading from PsychicWorld advisors.

Or you can browse through one of the many free resources and content available on the site: