As an energy reader I translate the emotions and feelings.
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Hello there, I am Cassandra. Looking for answers and insight to the feelings and emotions of the one you love? Do you wish to understand their motives or reasons? As an energy reader I will be able to reveal and translate their energy into answers and reasons. With my talent you will be able to clearly understand your love ones motives and start to fix, heal or mend the relationship. Allow energy to guide and show you the right path to your destiny.

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●  General life readings

●  Relationship Advice

●  Breaking Up & Divorce

●  Cheating & Affairs

●  Parents & Children

●  Family Advice

●  Love & Sex

●  Dating Advice

●  Karma & Past Life



I'm extremely down to earth and my readings are realistic. I objectively look at a client's situation and try to unravel patterns. I combine different divination tools in order to get the full picture. 

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Molly6/15/2024, 2:44 AM
Pratisha6/15/2024, 12:08 AM

Fantastic quick and to the point

RB6/1/2024, 7:12 PM
S5/27/2024, 11:34 PM
Lynn5/27/2024, 3:18 PM
Brooke5/27/2024, 12:26 AM
Sylvia5/26/2024, 12:27 AM
Aina5/26/2024, 12:16 AM
Diana5/24/2024, 11:48 PM
S5/24/2024, 11:41 PM


Cindy5/24/2024, 11:31 PM

Quick reading...answered all my questions and told me what I needed to hear :(

Kristen5/21/2024, 1:32 PM
Jennifer5/19/2024, 11:02 PM
Megan5/18/2024, 7:43 PM
Kristen5/16/2024, 10:27 AM
S5/15/2024, 12:28 AM
Erica5/15/2024, 12:17 AM

Very accurate

A5/14/2024, 12:07 PM
SUCRE5/12/2024, 12:43 AM
littlehearts5/10/2024, 3:06 AM
RB5/9/2024, 11:15 PM
Bee_Jones5/9/2024, 10:52 PM
Bee_Jones5/9/2024, 10:41 PM
Mary Cannon5/3/2024, 9:41 PM
Ami5/1/2024, 3:10 AM
Ami5/1/2024, 2:54 AM

Cassandra was accurate on lots of things and was very kind. She also answered pretty quickly! Thank you so much

Lynn5/1/2024, 12:18 AM
Lynn5/1/2024, 12:09 AM
xaymara davila4/30/2024, 11:50 PM
Sheree4/12/2024, 12:28 PM
Lisa bramm4/4/2024, 5:39 PM

Ty greatly appreciate

Lisa bramm4/4/2024, 5:23 PM

Cam u mesg me plz rest

Lynn4/3/2024, 6:02 PM
Lynn4/3/2024, 5:50 PM
Aina4/3/2024, 12:22 PM


🙋‍♀️Hello2/23/2024, 12:41 AM
Lisa bramm2/8/2024, 7:38 PM
Lisa bramm2/5/2024, 1:34 PM


Lisa bramm2/5/2024, 1:20 PM

Can you plz message me the rest

Lisa bramm2/3/2024, 2:22 PM

Ty ♥️♥️♥️♥️💯💯💯💯 appreciate 🙏

Lisa bramm2/2/2024, 8:53 PM

Ty if u feel anything else can you plz msg me

Lisa bramm2/1/2024, 3:36 AM


Lisa bramm2/1/2024, 2:58 AM

Ty 💯 ♥️♥️♥️♥️💯💯💯

🙋‍♀️Hello1/31/2024, 12:53 PM
Lisa bramm1/30/2024, 11:41 PM

Ty so much greatly appreciated ♥️♥️♥️💯💯💯💯 i ran out of time but if theres something important can you please message me ty soo much

Lisa bramm1/25/2024, 11:39 AM

Ty soo much can u msg me what you were going to say plz ty

Lisa bramm1/25/2024, 11:32 AM
J1/23/2024, 7:01 PM
J1/23/2024, 6:55 PM
J1/23/2024, 6:48 PM