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About PsychicWorld consultant EnaABOUT ME 

Hello my name is Colin . I am psychic and read tarot- I have done for the last 15+ years- both face to face and online. I also assist people with addiction issues. I am a recovering addict/alcoholic with 16+ years sober. I can assist with life, love, career and addiction issues. Helping people make me feel good!

Topics addressed by Ena!TOPICS 

●  General life readings

●  Relationship Advice

●  Breaking Up & Divorce

●  Cheating & Affairs

●  Parents & Children

●  Family Advice

●  Love & Sex

●  Dating Advice

●  Karma & Past Life


Ena's Style! MY STYLE

I'm extremely down to earth and my readings are realistic. I objectively look at a client's situation and try to unravel patterns. I combine different divination tools in order to get the full picture. 




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Jennyfer1/20/2020, 6:19 PM

He’s amazing. As a reading n at giving guidance

Linda1/18/2020, 11:34 PM

Good read, a lot of questions I know. Thanks

Jennyfer1/17/2020, 9:28 PM
bluemoon1/17/2020, 12:40 PM
bluemoon1/17/2020, 12:35 PM
Nea1/16/2020, 1:23 PM
Beata1/15/2020, 11:44 PM
Christal1/12/2020, 6:35 PM

Easy to talk too. Connected well. I’m nervous about my situation but hopefully all in time. I literally just have to wait which is the hardest thing to do but in time it’ll be okay.

Fran1/12/2020, 7:8 AM

Great reading

Tracy1/11/2020, 1:3 AM
Jennyfer1/11/2020, 12:52 AM

Love love love his reading

Joan Stewartson1/6/2020, 5:41 PM
lulu1/3/2020, 8:33 PM
Devin1/3/2020, 5:26 PM
Devin1/3/2020, 5:13 PM
Jennyfer1/2/2020, 1:23 PM

Amazing reading

Saagarika12/27/2019, 11:8 AM
lulu12/19/2019, 8:3 PM
Devin12/14/2019, 6:25 PM