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Hello my name is Colin . I am psychic and read tarot- I have done for the last 15+ years- both face to face and online. I also assist people with addiction issues. I am a recovering addict/alcoholic with 18+ years sober. I can assist with life, love, career and addiction issues. Helping people make me feel good!

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●  General life readings

●  Relationship Advice

●  Breaking Up & Divorce

●  Cheating & Affairs

●  Parents & Children

●  Family Advice

●  Love & Sex

●  Dating Advice

●  Karma & Past Life



I'm extremely down to earth and my readings are realistic. I objectively look at a client's situation and try to unravel patterns. I combine different divination tools in order to get the full picture. 

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Rachael10/12/2021, 8:37 PM

I really wish you would communicate and expand like you used to.

Ariel10/12/2021, 5:13 PM

He was very quick and very kind….on point I LOVED IT

KetkeeA10/12/2021, 4:39 PM
Lisa10/11/2021, 7:19 PM
Alex10/10/2021, 4:11 PM
Jazmin10/10/2021, 11:56 AM

I love him!!

Jennyfer10/10/2021, 11:07 AM
Rachael10/8/2021, 10:21 PM
Gifts10/8/2021, 7:40 PM

Absolute best at all times. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟😁

Rachael10/8/2021, 2:27 PM
Christa10/8/2021, 5:34 AM
Alex10/6/2021, 9:38 PM
Bria Murphy10/6/2021, 6:01 PM
Jamall10/6/2021, 5:25 AM
Gifts10/6/2021, 4:50 AM

Always a pleasure Thank you.. 🙏🏾😊

lisa hsu10/5/2021, 9:57 PM
lisa hsu10/5/2021, 9:47 PM
Tiniua10/5/2021, 7:57 PM

Very on point !!!!!!!

Rachael10/5/2021, 3:03 PM
Caitlin Glass10/5/2021, 12:59 PM
Rachael10/5/2021, 10:46 AM
Carolyn Malone10/4/2021, 6:36 PM
benish bhamani10/4/2021, 5:56 PM
Steve10/4/2021, 6:07 AM
reyna10/3/2021, 3:12 PM
Linda10/2/2021, 8:35 PM

Thanks, good reading again.

Keep Smiling10/1/2021, 3:05 PM
Destiny10/1/2021, 7:57 AM
Tessa9/30/2021, 8:16 PM
Tash9/29/2021, 5:46 AM
Rachael9/28/2021, 6:08 PM
Rachael9/27/2021, 7:25 PM
Caitlin Glass9/27/2021, 4:31 PM
Butterflies9/27/2021, 8:45 AM

Colin is amazing and always helps me realign myself with the universe. Amazing guy and guide.

Caitlin Glass9/26/2021, 4:13 PM
benish bhamani9/25/2021, 6:24 PM
Kionna9/24/2021, 8:43 AM

He was very helpful and a sweetheart really straight to the point.

Jamall9/24/2021, 7:22 AM
Rachael9/23/2021, 3:07 PM
Amber9/23/2021, 2:20 PM
Amber9/22/2021, 5:09 PM
Rachael9/22/2021, 1:49 PM
Allycia9/22/2021, 12:19 PM
Rachael9/21/2021, 9:59 PM
Destiny9/20/2021, 8:52 PM
Alex9/19/2021, 3:14 PM
Alexis9/19/2021, 12:58 PM
RB9/19/2021, 9:19 AM
Caroldeleon44@yahoo.com9/17/2021, 5:29 PM
Elaine9/17/2021, 2:14 PM