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Hello, My name is Eve. I am a psychic who has natural abilities of seeing things, sensing energies and healing hearts. I came from a psychic family and I started my psychic journey at very young age when I discovered my gifts, Since then I have been using my gifts to see things in the past, present and future. I am a true guide with no sugar-coating. I have helped thousands of people in all aspects of life and made their lives like a fresh flower. My reading style is compassionate and non-judgmental and it gives sweet feelings and peace.

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●  General life readings

●  Destiny & Life Path

●  Money & Prosperity

●  Relationship Advice

●  Family & Friends

●  Love & Relationships

●  Breaking Up & Divorce

●  Dating Advice


As a naturally gifted psychic, I rely on tools like Oracle Cards, Tarot Cards, Spirit Guides, and beads for insights into curious situations. My goal is to assist and guide you through the challenges you may be facing.

My specialties are Love & Relationship, Marriage, Finance & Business, Breakup & Divorce, Career and all type of family & friends situations. I am a psychic who will tell you what is coming for you and what is going from your life store. I will connect with spirit guides to deliver you a accurate and detailed reading. Join me!

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Carly2/28/2024, 9:33 AM

Lovely to chat with

sattie2/28/2024, 4:09 AM
Alejandra2/28/2024, 3:25 AM

She is very very sweet and spiritual. I felt a connection right away

Brittsworldd2/26/2024, 4:53 AM
Kristina2/25/2024, 6:23 AM

Eve is a blessing first impression was the best and second reading even better few readers reach out for more good news but she did and I'm grateful to her amazing reader spot on and encouraging

An2/25/2024, 5:14 AM

Normally I don't leave negative reviews, but the "reading" sounds more like sugar coating, with such a "gift" a could be a psychic myself unfortunately. Nothing sound even close to the true, waste of time and money

Maria Mendes2/25/2024, 3:31 AM

She is awesome ❤️

Kristina2/25/2024, 2:25 AM

Eve is a sweetheart and amazing reader give her a chance I appreciate our time together and have do much peace about my future

YJ2/24/2024, 12:37 PM
Sylvia2/24/2024, 6:40 AM
A2/24/2024, 12:50 AM
Malia2/23/2024, 10:03 AM
kristina2/23/2024, 1:38 AM

Fast, informative, connected well. Gave free mins and good wisdom advice. I appreciate you!

Kimberly2/23/2024, 12:42 AM
kindsoul2/23/2024, 12:20 AM
Elaine2/22/2024, 10:05 PM

Excellent reader. Very accurate and spot on

Jenny2/22/2024, 9:35 PM

Eve was great, she was helpful and understanding

Joanna2/22/2024, 4:00 AM

Thank you for your guidance and help and sound advice!

Christine Dillon2/21/2024, 3:44 AM

Lovely reading she pic up on energy good

Diksha2/21/2024, 3:13 AM
Sylvia2/21/2024, 2:20 AM

Great reading

Asha2/20/2024, 1:35 AM


Atiya2/19/2024, 11:50 PM
Shanelle2/19/2024, 11:03 PM
Beth2/19/2024, 10:01 PM
Atiya2/19/2024, 9:18 PM
Joanna2/19/2024, 3:04 AM

Thank you

Atiya2/19/2024, 2:44 AM
Alicia2/18/2024, 10:54 PM

Great.. a little slow at first but I'm chat again

Nathaly2/18/2024, 10:18 PM

Great reading!

Atiya2/18/2024, 8:49 PM
Lulu2/18/2024, 10:47 AM
tina2/16/2024, 11:14 PM

Many thanks for your wonderful reading much appreciated asked questions got answers i wanted to know thank you again

💓✨2/16/2024, 9:00 PM
Maria Polinsky2/16/2024, 3:37 PM

She gave me hope in my situation even though some things didn't add up at first. She offered prayers to help as well.

Sasha2/16/2024, 1:28 AM

One Word.....Amazing....she was very insightful. I feel much better now.

Kimberly2/15/2024, 11:21 PM
Diksha2/15/2024, 1:13 AM

we had a misunderstanding but she reached out to me after and gave me an explanation and some free minutes. But she's a sweet soul and gave me a very detailed reading.

Diksha2/15/2024, 12:25 AM

waste of minutes

Mia Jenkins2/14/2024, 10:25 PM

She was great with responses and very in tune. I think she was very connected to the situation and honest.

Atiya2/14/2024, 7:49 PM
Felicia2/14/2024, 7:16 PM
SN2/14/2024, 5:48 PM
tina2/14/2024, 5:29 PM

What a wonderful reading I got for this lovely lady much appreciated i asked questions I wanted to know got reply’s straight away thank you so much I will coke bsck again soon

SUCRE2/14/2024, 3:20 PM
Christine Dillon2/13/2024, 3:48 PM

❤️ lovely reading accurate and intuitive. She is amazing and worth every penny. She is awesome she is truly amazing

Atiya2/12/2024, 6:41 PM
SUCRE2/12/2024, 6:03 PM
PM2/12/2024, 12:19 PM

She’s amazing and on point fast and friendly

Trae2/12/2024, 2:20 AM

Really compassionate and honest✨