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I've counseled and provided clarity and guided my clients through the use of cards I offer support through this time and help them get to the root of their problem, through breakthroughs of childhood trauma, family relationships and toxic relationships

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●  General life readings

●  Relationship Advice

●  Breaking Up & Divorce

●  Life path

●  Parents & Children

●  Family Advice

● Dream interpretation

●  Dating Advice


I provide advice and read cards. I will convey messages from a higher power


Monday- wednesday 6-12 (SAST) Thur-Saturday 6-12 (SAST) (not every week)
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Alex4/15/2024, 10:26 AM
J4/14/2024, 11:26 PM
Nita4/14/2024, 10:50 PM
YJ4/12/2024, 1:52 AM
Nita4/9/2024, 9:44 AM
Steve4/9/2024, 7:54 AM
Clara4/9/2024, 5:24 AM
Donna4/8/2024, 10:14 AM

Such a great reader - would highly recommend ~ she gave me the clarity I needed

Celeste4/6/2024, 5:49 AM
M4/6/2024, 5:15 AM

Beautiful reading!!

Hannah3/27/2024, 5:13 AM
J3/25/2024, 10:47 AM
J3/25/2024, 10:36 AM
RB3/24/2024, 7:26 AM

Thank you!!!

K3/24/2024, 6:48 AM

Totally the best. Read me all throughout and saw my past without me telling. Such a very nice energy and catch up with Jan ❤️ She gave me the best advise that my soul needed to heal myself. I am very grateful for receiving such advises Jan. 🤗🤗

Taylor3/24/2024, 5:45 AM
Bethany Rodrigues3/22/2024, 6:46 AM
Madeleine3/20/2024, 6:11 AM

thank you as always xo

Nathaly3/20/2024, 4:35 AM
Cailyn3/19/2024, 10:21 AM

Thank you 🙏

Nita3/18/2024, 9:19 AM
Bethany Rodrigues3/14/2024, 4:57 AM
Celeste3/13/2024, 4:45 AM

Thank you Janine ❤️

K3/8/2024, 9:18 AM

Very precise and very comforting. She read the POI well and seen some our past without me saying anything 👌❤️

Lulu3/8/2024, 8:51 AM
Bethany Rodrigues3/8/2024, 8:17 AM
RB3/8/2024, 7:18 AM
Lulu3/7/2024, 5:33 AM
Nathaly3/4/2024, 11:19 AM

Amazing reader! She really takes the time to understand situations and she is very patient.

Steve3/4/2024, 7:34 AM
Madeleine2/28/2024, 6:17 AM

always so in-tune and supportive! thank you xo

Ally2/27/2024, 8:20 AM
Ally2/27/2024, 8:11 AM
Ally2/27/2024, 7:43 AM
Amanda2/27/2024, 4:27 AM
Luz Hernandez2/26/2024, 9:02 AM


Bethany Rodrigues2/23/2024, 5:40 AM
KK2/21/2024, 10:08 AM
Susan2/21/2024, 9:27 AM
Bethany Rodrigues2/21/2024, 4:42 AM

Janine is always right on target. 💜

Cailyn2/21/2024, 3:45 AM
J2/20/2024, 1:08 PM
Danielle2/20/2024, 10:43 AM
S2/15/2024, 4:15 AM
S2/15/2024, 3:53 AM
S2/15/2024, 3:36 AM
Monica2/14/2024, 3:37 AM
kindsoul2/13/2024, 4:47 AM
Christine Dillon2/13/2024, 4:16 AM

Thanks for the lovely reading greatly appreciate it

Sasha2/12/2024, 6:34 AM