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Hello, my name is Janine J. and I am an experienced intuitive tarot reader. I have been practicing full-time as a tarot reader since the onslaught of Covid and have since then successfully helped over 800 clients gain insight and guidance during these uncertain and volatile times that we live in.

I have always had a gift of being able to feel what others feel and in doing so was naturally able to guide and advise the people around me.

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● General life readings

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● Dating Advice

● Breaking Up & Divorce

● Money & Prosperity


I never really understood this gift as according to religious beliefs what I was experiencing and able to do was Biblically unacceptable. Just before Covid hit I was handed a set of tarot cards which I immediately connected with and was able to use as a tool to not only connect but also provide a form of proof along with the messages I was receiving from my guides and higher self. Since opening myself up to the tarot cards I have grown spiritually in leaps and bounds. I have been opened up to finding my true life's purpose and with being able to help others my own purpose has been revealed.

I am a qualified energy healer and have recently been studying astrology as well as numerology which I plan on adding to my offerings once completed. I have come to understand that we are not meant to walk this path alone and we all have been given gifts to use to help others. Tarot has provided me with this platform and I am excited to share my gift with you.


Tuesday to Sunday 4pm to 10pm (GMT)

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