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Life can be confusing, difficult and even frightening at times. We find ourselves in a position where we are desperately seeking for answers and guidance but they just don't seem to come. The Universe is always there to help and guide us, but through fear and uncertainty we are blinded as to what to do next.

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●  General life readings

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●  Breaking Up & Divorce

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●  Family Advice

● Dream interpretation

●  Dating Advice


That's exactly where I can help. Through my vast life experiences, from running successful businesses (and at times not so successful) surviving abusive relaionships, dealing with addiction, divorce, single parenting and navigating huge change, I have spent many years on a spiritual quest for answers. This has prepared me for my true life's purpose which is to help people navigate whatever the circumstances they many find themselves in by giving them clarity and guidance. I will help you connect with your inner strength and find the answers you seek. Let's shift the energies and set you on your path of true happiness, freedom and abundance.

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Madeleine7/17/2024, 9:04 PM

eased my heart! thank you xo

Samuel7/15/2024, 5:04 PM

Awesome experience!

KK7/15/2024, 1:23 PM

Amazing ❤️

Nita7/15/2024, 1:09 PM
Thelma Terry7/14/2024, 9:50 PM

She was wonderful, and really put my mind at ease about getting my business up and going!

Nofi7/14/2024, 8:26 PM
Nofi7/14/2024, 8:10 PM
Rick7/13/2024, 11:12 PM

Awesome read, as always! And thanks for the extra time, I appreciate you 🙏🏼😁

Rick7/13/2024, 11:01 PM
Pratisha7/11/2024, 10:14 PM
Hannah7/11/2024, 8:52 PM

Thank you Mila!!!!! I appreciate you

Maria7/10/2024, 3:38 PM
Ryan7/10/2024, 2:09 PM

Thank you so much! I will continue to trust the process :)

Ryan7/10/2024, 1:58 PM

Thank you :)

lee3/16/2024, 7:46 PM
Tamara3/9/2024, 11:09 PM

Not answering my question. Maybe I didn't frame it correctly. But she finding pick up anything spiritually basically said I was wrong when I told her some facts about my situation

Rick3/9/2024, 6:55 PM
Derek3/2/2024, 9:35 PM
Albina2/17/2024, 10:27 PM
Rick2/17/2024, 7:40 PM

I love Mila's energy & she seems to be in tune with my POI and situation. At the very least, our chat was encouraging. Thank you. 😊🙏

Derek2/17/2024, 7:20 PM
LovelyPurple2/17/2024, 4:48 PM
Nathaly2/17/2024, 12:43 AM

Wonderful reading !

Ryan2/17/2024, 12:11 AM

Thank you!

SG2/16/2024, 10:40 PM

AMAZING reading! Very very intuitive, kind, well on point, she picked my energy without explaining much, detailed with every answer and clarity. I Appreciate

Derek2/16/2024, 9:08 PM
Maria2/16/2024, 8:36 PM
CH2/15/2024, 10:17 PM

She picked up very fast and accurately, and gave very soundproof advice, as well as opening my eyes to do things differently. I would definitely recommend a reading with her.

SUCRE2/13/2024, 10:55 PM
Crystal2/7/2024, 11:43 PM
Thomasina Rebeles2/5/2024, 10:53 PM
Harriet2/4/2024, 10:07 PM
carla2/4/2024, 12:40 AM
YJ2/3/2024, 11:03 PM
YJ2/3/2024, 12:22 AM

Wonderful reading, she put my mind at ease and feel she really picked up on person I asked about.

YJ2/3/2024, 12:07 AM

So insightful and good energy!

Harriet2/2/2024, 11:44 PM

❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️you’ll never know how much you helped. Thank you thank you (fingers crossed I can take your guidance)

Crystal2/2/2024, 10:51 PM

She was very nice very fast communicated amazingly, took the time to listen and answer the questions

Tionne1/28/2024, 11:05 PM
Jaclyn1/28/2024, 9:23 PM

amazing! picked up on energy so well with no background info. had a lot to say so she granted me free minutes twice in one reading. highly recommend

S1/24/2024, 9:17 PM
squonk1/22/2024, 10:08 PM

very detailed and informative

Allen Shensky1/21/2024, 5:42 PM
Danielle1/21/2024, 3:19 PM

Fast, friendly, helpful

Cailyn1/21/2024, 2:12 AM
KK1/21/2024, 12:55 AM
Maria1/20/2024, 9:59 PM

Very detailed and insightful!

Spirit8/23/2022, 11:18 PM
lisa hsu8/23/2022, 11:01 PM
Paola8/23/2022, 10:52 PM

Mila is fast and amazing. I asked one question and she started firing away with info. I'm glad I spoke with her as she helped clear some doubts from my heart and mind. She gave me good insight into my situation as well as advice on how I can deal with it. I look forward to her reading coming to fruition. I'll definitely keep her updated. Thank you so much, Mila!