Lakota Sioux Shaman&Psychic 22years! Specializing in LOVE <3
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I have been reading since I was 14 years old! That’s 22 years of tarot! Over half my life dedicated to helping others find clarity, and I hope to continue! I offer honest advice without judgement.

I like to read tarot for people in a way that they can understand. I don’t assume that the reader knows what the cards mean so I go really deep with meaning in the cards to find exactly why that card is there for that person and if they’re ever confused, they can ask me as many questions as they want. My goal is to help anybody who feels lost in this world find their way.

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●  General life readings

●  Destiny & Life Path

●  Money & Prosperity

●  Family & Friends

●  Love & Relationships

●  Breaking Up & Divorce

●  Infidelity


I got my first deck of cards from a very nice hippie lady that was friends with my mom and she thought me how to read from the back of her VW bus at a Barter fair in rural Oregon. I have read for people, and all walks of life. I began my shaman training at age 7 and Lakota Sioux shaman. One of the youngest in my tribe. It is an honor to help any person that comes across my path believe everything happens for a reason.

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Updated 4/14 Sorry i have been MIA i was hospitalized this week for a few days and then today we have been dealing with an emergency with our dog bella. unfortunately we need to raise another 2000$ for emergency surgery in 24 hours. so i will be online a lot this week for that purpose. thoughts and prayers are needed and appreciated! But I will be here. if im not online message me if im awake i'll log in for you! 2 free mins to new chatters just remind meee!!
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Jessica4/15/2024, 5:32 AM

Thank you

Jessica4/15/2024, 5:15 AM

Spot on like always

Natasha4/15/2024, 4:59 AM

Accurate and detailed!

Trae4/15/2024, 3:41 AM
JasmineM4/15/2024, 3:21 AM

ALWAYS a treat when Sarah is online. Call her today!!

Tre4/15/2024, 3:03 AM
Yvonne4/15/2024, 2:50 AM

Thanks for the encouraging words, You are the best

Megan4/13/2024, 12:31 AM
Barbara4/13/2024, 12:03 AM
Gi4/11/2024, 1:46 AM

❤️❤️ Thank you Sarah!

Angiek714/11/2024, 1:23 AM
CH4/11/2024, 12:55 AM
Amanda4/11/2024, 12:09 AM

Fantastic reading and provided me a lot of clarity! Extremely accurate with details on my person.

Yvonne4/10/2024, 11:31 PM

thanks for the encouraging words always when I need them

Julia4/10/2024, 10:58 PM

Sarah was on point , detailed accurate and honest. Such a beautiful reading. Everything she said makes sense. Worth the try , thank you so much 🙏🏻❤️

Jessica4/4/2024, 4:59 AM
Jessica4/4/2024, 12:51 AM
RB4/4/2024, 12:34 AM
Megan4/4/2024, 12:04 AM

She is always spot-on with her readings!

Priceless544/3/2024, 10:38 PM
YJ4/3/2024, 10:19 PM

Such a great reading! Really resonated and felt like she accurately picked up on people I asked about :)

Alex4/3/2024, 8:05 PM
Yvonne4/3/2024, 7:50 PM
Stewart4/3/2024, 7:27 PM
JA4/2/2024, 1:48 AM
Elena4/2/2024, 12:05 AM

Quick, detailed, and accurate.

Madeleine4/1/2024, 11:37 PM

gifted reader as always xo

Cailyn4/1/2024, 11:13 PM
J4/1/2024, 10:55 PM
Aina4/1/2024, 5:42 AM
Trae4/1/2024, 5:03 AM
Megan4/1/2024, 4:46 AM

She's amazing. Always does a great reading!

RB4/1/2024, 4:23 AM
Yvonne4/1/2024, 3:39 AM

thanks for the great chat , always telling me the right things

RB3/31/2024, 9:42 PM
Kelley3/31/2024, 9:36 PM
Shay3/29/2024, 8:29 PM

She is amazing!!

Krissy3/29/2024, 7:27 PM
PM3/29/2024, 6:37 PM

Always a blessing to speak with. Thanks dear🦋🙏❤️

Molly3/18/2024, 5:10 AM
Yvonne3/18/2024, 3:48 AM

thanks for the chat always a pleasure

RB3/18/2024, 3:32 AM
Jessica3/15/2024, 3:53 PM
Yvonne3/15/2024, 3:22 PM

Always nice to have a reading done by Sarah

Gi3/12/2024, 1:18 AM

She continues to be the real deal and just has the best energy. Absolutely love the connection felt with her and she’s right on every time, even as unbelievable the situation is!

ALOVE3/12/2024, 12:56 AM

First time speaking with Sara...Great energy, amazing accurate read...I love her energy, she was patient with me, and I appreciate that...I was excited to speak with her and all over the place. lol...I'll call you again! You were so amazing with a lot of information.

Hannah3/11/2024, 11:42 PM


Alex3/11/2024, 5:14 AM
Marie3/11/2024, 4:56 AM
Yvonne3/11/2024, 4:28 AM

always a pleasure talking to you sarah, helps me see things the way they are