2021 predictions: what will happen according to psychics

2021 predictions: what will happen according to psychics?

It’s been an absurd and unpredictable year to say the least. Like many, you’ve probably been hindered in completing your new year's resolutions made at the beginning of 2020, and you'd be forgiven. It has been hard to make sense of it all, even for our most accomplished lightworkers.

However, it is the season of reflection and forecasting the new year, especially so for astrologists, card readers, psychic mediums and clairvoyants.

So, like every year, we ask a carefully selected panel of psychics on the platform to give us a series of predictions for the new year. They shed their light and wisdom on daily news, politics, climate, sport, the economy and especially on what celebrities in all those domains can expect in 2021.

Here is what they had to say...

Summary of the 2021 predictions

  • Biden, will be deemed unfit to rule less than half a year in his mandate and will be replaced by vice president Kamala Harris
  • Melania, will divorce Donald Trump before the summer. Although she will be dating another prominent business figure before the end of the year she will be private about the matter.
  • Princess Diana, for years there has been many speculations about what caused the fatal car accident in Paris. A new, never before heard of witness will come forward with troubling facts that will question the official version.
  • Cyber attack, the first, state backed and organized, full-scale coordinated cyber attack on the US will occur in 2021.
  • Recession, the first serious global financial crisis since 2008 will hit all the world's economies, dragging all countries into recession and leading to the biggest stock market crash since the 1970 energy crisis .
  • Super bowl, although they are currently favourites, the Kansas City Chiefs will win Super Bowl LV, but it won't come as a gift, it will be much tighter than expected;
  • Food scarcity, the onset of the recession and further rising tensions between the US and China will create the first food scarce in the west since WWII
  • Donald Trump, will publish an incendiary autobiography. He will be dragged in front of courts by many democrat opponents and even news agencies will file law suites.
  • Cryptocurrency, the onset of the global financial crisis of 2021 will go hand-in-hand with an absurd increase in the value of Bitcoin, that will reach as much as $50,000 per single bitcoin!
  • Space X, has been very successful lately, unfortunately they should experience some serious setbacks in 2021 that will put the project under pressure. The mars mission will be delayed.


What will happen to Miley Cyrus in 2021?


Miley Cyrus 2021 predictions

Her birth date: 11/23/1992. 2021 is the year when Miley really starts to grow her business and become popular to a wider audience. Business is going to pop in more ways than she ever realised.

She has been going through some tough times recently in her personal life and as we enter 2021 she will be doing a lot of thinking about what she wants - and who she wants in her life going forward. There is a sense of maturity around her in 2021 and her business life becomes very serious.

She may even take up a humanitarian cause and will be very vocal with this. At the beginning of the year she is hesitant about what she wants but as we move further into the year she becomes very clear about who she is and what it is that she believes in.

There is an incredible amount fo soul searching happening in the beginning of the year which will have huge benefits for her later on in the year. She will be taken seriously as a global artist and will move away from her teeny bopper reputation to embrace herself as a strong and opinionated female performer.

She will also become very vocal about her spirituality which will become a driving force in her life next year. She will dig deep into her soul and be a major spokesperson for meditation, yoga and the Law of Attraction.

Find out what will happen to Kanye (Ye!) in 2021 ...

Kanye West predictions for 2021

Yé is one of the most popular hip-hop artists in the world. With a jaw-dropping net worth of 1.3 billion, he is most likely the richest one too.

Kanye West Zodiac Sign is Gemini and he definitely lives up to that. Gemini's have great traits like intelligence, passion, and adaptability. However, there's another side of them too… The Gemini Star Sign is represented by the twins.

This means that they can often appear to be two-faced. This year Kanye West has faced multiple controversies and has had a few outbursts. Will 2021 be the same or will his public image improve?

Kanye West has a Pisces Moon which makes him intuitive, sensitive, and caring. He cares a lot about his family and would do anything to protect them. 2021 will be a better year for him.

He will be able to create a song that will gain massive popularity in 2021. He will unfortunately also have a few public outbursts which will attract paparazzi. Nevertheless, 2021 will be a good year for Kanye and his family.

Will Katy Perry find true love in 2021?

Katy Perry in 2021 

Katy Perry is a highly successful pop artist. She has been on and off the chart for years now. Her catchy music and dazzling personality have attracted many fans all over the world. Katy Perry is a Scorpio.

Scorpio's are known to be determined, ambitious, and driven. This has helped Katy Perry’s difficult road to stardom. 2020 has been an amazing year for Katy Perry. She is in a beautiful relationship and even had a child. This was all she ever dreamed of and before meeting her husband she was quite unlucky in love.

Katy Perry has had difficulties in love. Being a sensitive Scorpio, she tends to go full in headfirst. Unfortunately, this puts her at the risk of getting hurt. Her first husband dropped the divorce bomb on her by sending her a text message. This hit her hard as Katy was very committed to him.

Katy's Sun Sign suggests that she is traditional when it comes to love and gives her all to the one she is in love with. She is intuitive and highly sensitive so this break-up was hard on her. Katy has even mentioned that she thought she'd never meet someone ever again.

However, in 2019 she met Orlando Bloom and in 2020 they had their first child together. Will 2021 continue being a happy year for her or will it be otherwise? 2021 will be an amazing year for Katy Perry. Now that she has had her first child, she gets a lot of fulfillment out of being a mother. Based on her Zodiac Sign, Katy Perry will focus on her family as she values family over career. She will not be in the spotlight as much as before. In mid to late 2021 she will bring out some new music, however, her focus will remain on her family.

What does 2021 have in store for the amazing Cardi B?

Cardi B 2021 Prediction

If you have been listening to the radio then undoubtedly you have heard at least one of Cardi B's songs. Cardi B has gained massive popularity over the years and has been able to win the hearts of many fans. 2020 was a great year for Cardi B.

There's no doubt that Cardi B has a lot of musical talent, however, will 2021 be an even better year for her or will things go downhill? Cardi B's Sun Sign says a lot about her magnetism. Libra's are known to be irresistibly charming and personable.

Cardi B's Moon Sign is an Aries which explains her fearless and ''fire personality.'' Her Mercury in Scorpio explains her talent for writing as Mercury is all about communication. Her rap lyrics are full of great punchlines that captivate her fans. Cardi likes to throw in raunchy lyrics which aren't for everyone, however, it has played a part in her popularity. 2021 will be an amazing year for Cardi B.

She will produce many more hit songs and gain an even bigger fan base. Her new show Cardi Tries will also have great ratings with many viewers.

Financially Cardi's empire will even grow bigger. She will be able to cash in on high record album sales and do a tour as well. Overall, 2021 will be filled with many exciting opportunities for Cardi B.

Will Donald Trump do a great come back in 2021?


Trump predictions for 2021

His birth date is 06/14/1946. Trump will leave the Presidential Office and will go silent for two months. He will then rise up and be a huge driving force in the world bigger and with more influence than he had as President.

He will spearhead a campaign that will be unique and new to the world and global media attention will be on him as much as the new President Biden.

Personally he has taken the Presidential defeat quite heavily but like anyone who experiences the dark night of the soul he will rise better and stronger than ever before. He will also work on bringing out a tell-all book about his life at the White House and reveal some behind-the-scenes dirty secrets.

Having been the target of a media hate campaign whilst being President of the USA he will have no fear at calling out certain individuals for their corruption and sly ways. What he has to say and what he reveals is going to shock and scare the political and business world.

Boris, will he stay master of 10 Downing street in 2021?

Boris Johnson predictions for 2021

Born 06/19/1964, Boris has also had a very tough and difficult 2020 but he will rise again in confidence in 2021. COVID will still be a huge issue during 2021 and he will pass a number of new laws that will shock and enrage the British public.

His popularity will not be high and he will cause many riots and protests in the UK. At the beginning of the year he will feel quite lost and empty of enthusiasm, personally wondering if being Prime Minister is really worth all the effort he puts into it.

However during the second part of the year he will come through as a hero to many and he will be creative in how he encourages the financial growth of the UK especially post Brexit. There could also be an announcement of another pregnancy in his marriage.

Find out what our psychics say about Oprah in 2021


Oprah in 2021

Her DOB is 01/29/1954. Moving into the Age of Aquarius, Oprah is going to become even more vocal about her spirituality.

She will have immense good fortune moving into 2021 and will become a strong spokesperson for a prominent cause involving women's rights.

She will become a powerful Guru for many and will bring out a book that will influence more people to follow a spiritual path. This will be a new venture for her where the proceeds will be donated to a new charity that she is going to launch.

She is going to have to push through a lot of her insecurities but ultimately 2021 is the year some of her greatest wishes for the world and society come true. She will also be facing a lot of demons from her past which will allow her to grow emotionally which is what will spearhead her spiritual campaign for the world written and spoken about in easy to understand terms.

I am also seeing a huge celebration which - believe it or not - could signify a marriage announcement even though for years Oprah has said she would not get married. She may very well become a UN Ambassador of Goodwill.

Ellen DeGeneres on the red carpet, how does her future look?

Ellen DeGeneres 2021 predictions

Born 01/26/1958

In 2021 Ellen is going to be following an even deeper level of spirituality and honouring her truth., She will be deeply wounded by the injustices of the world. She will be very emotional in her approach and we could see her attending protests.

There may also be some cracks appearing in her relationship but these will be resolved however publically these cracks will be written about in the media. Her healing from her relationship problems will prompt her to write a book about relationship and healing.

There is no holding back for her this year and Ellen will experience immense soul growth and become more of a spokesperson for LGBTQ youth. There is a strong connection to Angels and Ellen will be put to good use this year on the Earth by the Angelic realm. Ellen does need to check all contractual agreements as someone is going to try and pull the wool over her eyes.

During the middle of the year it will be a difficult time for her businesswise but she will come through this towards the later part of the year stronger and more successful than she has ever been. She will feel immense frustration and anger at the injustices in the world and she is ready to grow her career to the next level.

Ever since 2003, Ellen has been in the spotlight mainly due to her most famous show “the Ellen show.“ Ellen not only interviewed popular celebrities but also supported survivors of numerous tragedies and has done a lot of charitable work. She was known for the elaborate surprises she organized for show guests and even her audience. In the beginning, Ellen was adored by many and gained widespread popularity all over the globe.

However, recently many people have been complaining about the negative experiences they have had with Ellen. The ratings lowered and people were even begging for her show to be canceled!

2020 was not an easy year for Ellen, however, will the stars align for her in 2021?

Let’s find out! What Astrology says about Ellen’s personality? Many of the complaints people have had about Ellen were that she was distant and would treat her guests badly behind the scenes. In her show, Ellen appears so open, friendly, and kind so this was a big shock to fans.

Celebrities like Nikkie Tutorials have talked about their bad experiences with Ellen. Nikkie described her experience with Ellen as appalling and said that Ellen never even greeted her. Ellen’s past bodyguard also spoke about his experience and said that she would often ignore him and was rude to him. There are also various clips and compilations on YouTube that show the questionable things Ellen has said or done during her show.

Ellen DeGeneres next to her Hollywood star ...

Ellen’s sun sign is Aquarius. People with an Aquarius Sun sign have many positive traits. They tend to be enthusiastic, original, and love surprises. This resonates as Ellen has surprised people in great ways and is enthusiastic about her show.

Based on her natal chart Ellen also is ambitious and has a strong work ethic which undoubtedly contributed to her worldwide success. The natal chart of Ellen shows a Venus Retrograde which means that she finds it hard to show affection. The Uranus Retrograde in her natal chart shows that Ellen has an urge to one-up others and tends to disregard the feelings of others. This explains her domineering tendencies which for many people can come across as plain rude and aggressive.

What does Astrology predict in 2021?

Will Ellen have a better year in 2021 or will her reputation continue to worsen? Ellen’s Zodiac Sign says that the upcoming year will start on a positive note. She will get the opportunity to start over again and make things right. Her relationships with her colleagues will also improve.

However, in the midst of 2021, her Zodiac does show that she could face numerous controversies and negativity in her career. This will unfortunately cause her to face emotional stress. It is also predicted that she must control her temperament to avoid losing any close bonds in the upcoming year.

Now when it comes to her love life, 2021 will be a good year for her. Ellen’s Zodiac says that this year she will get a lot of support and affection from her loved ones. The people that are close to Ellen will undoubtedly be there for her through the difficult times.

In late 2021, things will improve for Ellen as she will rise towards more success and achievements. She will gain a lot in financial terms and will be able to spend more of her time doing charitable work. This will give her lots of fulfillment and help her cope with the emotional stress. If Ellen will be able to control her temperamental and domineering personality then she will with no doubt improve her reputation. 2020 was a tough year for Ellen, however, 2021 will be easier and more positive.

In general, 2021 will be a better year for Ellen compared to 2020.

Will Cristiano Ronaldo move back to the premier league in 2021?


Cristiano Ronaldo predictions for 2021

Born 02/05/1985. In 2021 Cristiano will experience a deep sense of romantic love and gratitude for who he has in his life on a personal level. He will learn to bring more forgiveness into his life and during the second half of the year he is seen spending more time taking care of his own needs before he burns himself out.

Always wanting to be of service to others it will be important for him to cut off from the world and spend some downtime with those whom he loves. It is a tricky start to the year for him as far as business goes , he seems to be going through a few hassles and problems but by the fourth month things will start moving forward for him in the direction he wants.

There will be a lot of stress that he will be carrying businesswise and once everything starts moving forward for him this is when he will need a nice holiday from the world and its problems. He will be shuffling around some of his business and investor advisors. He does need to be careful with business as there is deception or trickery being shown - someone is trying to pull the wool over his eyes and he should pay very careful attention as to who is doing what with his money.

There si a very strong warning for him here but he will certainly figure this out for himself in time. It has to do with online communication and online access to his funds. Everything that he goes through he would have attracted this into his life in order for his soul to grow but he will certainly have his faith tested in the early part of the year and stress is shown around him.

At times during the year he will have to have blind faith as he will be unable to see a way forward or know where his life is heading which will be difficult for him who usually has his finger on the buzzer - or his foot on the football - at all times. At the end of the year there is celebration and success and victory so all's well that ends well.

Will it be Man City or PSG for la Pulga in 2021?

2021 Predictions for Lionel Messi, born 06/24/1987

This is the year where Messi and his self confidence and self esteem will be most put to the test.

He will be going through an evolvement process so the early part of the year could be a little trying and difficult for him. This will certainly encourage soul growth for him and his interpersonal relationships will be tested.

He may not be able to see where life is heading and blind faith will be needed for him to get through this early patch of the year. His soul is evolving and he will become more spiritual in his approach to life as the year hits the midway mark, having learnt many valuable lessons on life in the first six months.

There seems to be a strong indication that a lot of his personal problems will centre around love and a door is closing on the past for a new chapter in his life to begin. As the year progresses he will be inspired and motivated when it comes to love almost as though he has a second sind or a second chance in life with someone to love or be loved.

His journey will be a slow one - there is no quick fix to healing one's soul or one's heart so he will need patience and he will need to slow down his life to work with the timing of the Universe and not earthly timing. It is as though the finger of God is pointed directly at him and he will have many wise lessons to learn which will bring him more maturity.

Emotional growth is an uncomfortable process but by the end of the year he feels happy, content and victorious again.

Jeff Bezos the CEO of Amazon, what does 2021 hold for him?


Jeff Bezos 2021 Prediction

Raise your hand if you have ordered something from Amazon in the last month... Despite COVID-19 hitting many businesses hard, Amazon has been doing very well and making Jeff Bezos even richer. With his $190 billion net worth, Jeff Bezos is currently the richest man in the world.

However, will he keep this status or will the New Year strike a devastating blow for Jeff Bezos’s estate? What does Astrology say about Jeff Bezos's success?

Jeff Bezos Zodiac Sign is Capricorn. Capricorn is all about work, work, work. Capricorns are ambitious, extremely goal-oriented, and love the hustle. They love making their own rules which makes a lot of sense for Jeff considering he has his own business. Capricorns are also known to be great leaders and no-nonsense types.

Because Jeff Bezos is a Capricorn this means he is not only a Cardinal sign but also an earth sign. These two combinations are perfect as his strong leadership and ambition flourish even more because he is so productive and likes to get things done right away.

One remarkable thing in Jeff Bezos's natal chart is that his ascendant is in Aries. The ruler of Aries is Mars(10th House) which says a lot about his success. It indicates that Jeff Bezos is ambitious, adventurous, and loves gaining recognition and power. His natal chart says that he is likely to succeed, which he has and that he will gain lots of respect with a good reputation. Jeff Bezos is also a great listener and appreciates learning from people higher up which has undoubtedly helped him in his success.

Will 2021 be an even better year? Business-wise, Amazon will continue doing well in 2021. Amazon will grow worldwide and will operate in countries all over the globe.

Regarding love, Jeff Bezos will unfortunately not be lucky. He has been divorced for almost two years now with a handful of scandals. This will make him more cautious and slow when it comes to dating. Overall, financially Jeff Bezos will have an even greater year, but when it comes to love he will not be lucky.

Will Elon fly his own rockets in 2021?

Elon Musk predictions for 2021

Did you know that the Tesla Model 3 has been nominated as the world's most popular electric car? Elon Musk has revolutionized driving and has been in the spotlight numerous times for his brilliance.

What does Astrology say about Elon Musk's future success?

Will Tesla rise even higher or crash down?

Elon Musk is a Cancer which explains his intelligence, ambition, and drive. Cancers are known to be hardworking and will commit themselves to any goal they set. They have great organizational and management skills. Tesla has been doing very well in 2020.

Elon Musk's Zodiac Sign suggests that 2021 will be an even better year for him. Tesla will double or even triple in stock and Elon Musk will compete against Jeff Bezos to become the richest man in the world.


Meghan and Harry in 2021

These two will grow from strength to strength in 2021 and there will be an announcement of a pregnancy. Meghan will spearhead a very high profile campaign for Woman's Rights especially focusing on domestic violence and abuse.

The two of them are going to be powerful influencers of the youth and will distance themselves more and more from the Royal family. Meghan may bring out a range of children's books that will be empowering in their format. The two of them will also focus more on mental health awareness and Meghan may very well take up a post of being a regular columnist to a high profile syndication.

They have big plans for the future and have dedicated their lives to the upliftment of others.

Prince Harry and Meghan, what will happen to them in 2021?

Meghan herself will be taken seriously as a feminist powerhouse by the Media and the two of them will feel inspired and motivated to reach greater heights to assist those in need. They will focus more on their needs as individuals as opposed to belonging to the House of WIndsor.

Harry will focus his attention back onto Africa which captured his heart many years ago. They will become popular Socialites in the USA and will spearhead many successful fundraising campaigns.

2021 is a time for new beginnings for the young Royals and many will be surprised at how powerful they will be in changing and empowering the lives of the downtrodden.

Team Sussex will be a strong team in 2021 and have an important role in changing and influencing the world in which we live.


More 2021 celebrity predictions ... 

Shakira predictions for 2021

Shakira has had a trying year to say the least but moving forward for 2021 we can expect some creative flair and balance will be returning in all aspects. That light at the end of a tunnel is actual potential and not a train on its way to derail life. What ever it is that is coming it is good and it is safe to say we can expect some wonderful growth and insight.

There are some minor bumps that will occur but nothing that is unmanageable - being the born leader she is. And it is actually okay to be a bit stubborn as these traits allow her to take that time out in life to recharge.


Doja Cat predictions for 2021
Doja Cat

Doja Cat is a kind nurturing soul, that is socially aware and often puts others needs before her own. It is important that she does not allow people to take advantage of her kind caring nature.

She is destined for greatness in 2021, that will create a ripple effect that will help so many people globally. A philanthropic affair will spark interest and this care will bring a soothing to her core being, leaving a legacy of a gratitude and kind nature that will carry on for years to come.


See what 2021 holds for The Rock!
Dwayne Johnson

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson in a way has come from a year of self reflection and connecting with his higher power. He is an energy ball of note, moving forward to the beginning of 2021, he and only him can do what needs to be done - this is his personal idea and journey.

He is after all an icon in many countries and has the ability to influence people in many ways. Even though the upcoming year will bring in some concerns and a bit of stress, the intuition he has will allow him to spring board off of his experiences to greater heights, and good fortune will over weigh the little nudges and issues through hard work and facing life head on.


Drake, what will happen to his career in 2021

Drake is a hardworking individual that holds loyalty very close to his heart. Keeping the continuity going in 2021 will bring on a path with challenges, but at the same time nothing does come easy. Some relationships will be broken and some formed.

In the end spiritual enlightenment and personal growth will feature a lot with him through out the year, at times he may be a bit blinded in life but what is certain is that the new partnerships and ventures are going to bring in much needed funk and success.


Nicki Minaj predictions for 2021
Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj is going to put through her paces in 2021 but at least she has the experiences to deal with issues and the media. In all honesty she just needs to slow down and take a deep breath - her music is wonderful, and it is important that she surrounds herself with people that encourage her.

She needs to find people who like her for who she is rather than what she does, and when this is realised she will have that missing link to make it all happen and find ultimate contentment.

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