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Welcome, my name is Antonella, and I have been providing psychic readings for over 10 years. With over 4,000 readings conducted with 100% accuracy, I have developed a deep understanding of the spiritual world and the importance of finding inner peace.

In my experience, I have found that you cannot find peace until you put all the pieces together. As a psychic, I can help you gain a deeper understanding of your life's meaning and provide guidance on how to achieve true happiness.

I offer a range of services, including future readings, relationship compatibility readings, numerology profiles, dream interpretations, career readings, and more. I specialize in a variety of areas, including cheating and affairs, past lives, soulmates, family advice, and paranormal phenomena.

My reading style is warm, supportive, and tailored to your specific needs and interests. I take a professional and objective approach, providing detailed explanations and interpretations of natal charts, aspects, houses, and planets to help you gain clarity and insight into your life.

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●  General life readings

●  Relationship Advice

●  Breaking Up & Divorce

●  Life path

●  Dating Advice


I prioritize confidentiality and fidelity with my clients, creating a safe and comfortable environment for them to seek guidance and support. My ultimate goal is to help you find inner peace and happiness in all aspects of your life.

In my free time, I enjoy reading books on spirituality and consciousness, such as "Dying to be ME" by Anita Moorjani, "MetaHuman" by Deepak Chopra, "Objects of Consciousness" by Donald Hoffman, and "The Nature of Reality."

My motto is "You can't find peace until you put all the pieces together." If you're ready to start putting the pieces of your life together, I am here to help.

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Available for you from : Monday to Friday 9 AM-10 PM (EEST) SUnday-Saturday 8 AM-11 PM

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Tracey9/24/2023, 4:54 PM
Aveta Mohammed9/24/2023, 12:14 PM
Tina9/24/2023, 10:48 AM
Aveta Mohammed9/22/2023, 11:35 AM
Malia9/22/2023, 9:00 AM
Tina9/22/2023, 6:24 AM
Truthseeker9/21/2023, 7:25 PM
Paris McCrary9/21/2023, 6:07 AM
Jocelyn9/20/2023, 4:38 PM
Beata9/20/2023, 1:53 PM
Carol9/20/2023, 11:57 AM

Great, an honest raining

mimi9/20/2023, 11:51 AM
Aveta Mohammed9/20/2023, 10:39 AM
Christine9/20/2023, 6:16 AM
Tina9/19/2023, 4:37 PM
Tracey9/19/2023, 4:04 PM
Tina9/18/2023, 2:09 PM
Christine Dillon9/18/2023, 12:30 PM

Wonderful reading had good advice with clarification feel much better thx 🙏

Christine Dillon9/18/2023, 11:39 AM
Michael9/18/2023, 10:06 AM

Quick I hope she is correct

Tina9/18/2023, 6:50 AM
Carol9/18/2023, 6:14 AM

Thank you for all the great information and being totally honest

Tina9/17/2023, 5:22 PM

Thank you so much ❤️

Marina9/17/2023, 4:49 PM
Christine9/17/2023, 7:23 AM
Christine9/16/2023, 7:07 AM
Truthseeker9/15/2023, 11:34 AM
stephanie9/15/2023, 8:24 AM
Christine9/15/2023, 8:06 AM
SN9/14/2023, 6:57 PM
SN9/14/2023, 11:53 AM
Truthseeker9/13/2023, 6:19 PM

Thank you Antonella 🙏🏽

Caroldeleon44@yahoo.com9/13/2023, 1:48 PM
Tina9/13/2023, 12:40 PM
Truthseeker9/12/2023, 2:35 PM
Aveta Mohammed9/12/2023, 11:05 AM

Very comforting

Carol9/11/2023, 3:01 PM

Thank iyou!!

Jocelyn9/11/2023, 2:38 PM
Truthseeker9/11/2023, 9:50 AM
Tina9/10/2023, 1:22 PM
KK9/10/2023, 12:55 PM
Christine Dillon9/10/2023, 7:21 AM
Tina9/9/2023, 1:43 PM
Aveta Mohammed9/9/2023, 9:35 AM
Joanna9/8/2023, 3:08 PM
christine achre9/8/2023, 2:05 PM
Carmen9/8/2023, 1:34 PM
Malia9/8/2023, 8:32 AM
Tina9/7/2023, 4:14 PM
Noelle gillis9/7/2023, 3:42 PM

Great reading!