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I have been helping others find their true path and helping them delve into their situations and find peace, clarity and their correct path for over 25 years. I am blessed to have the gift of being able to help you find clarity in your life. I use tarot cards and angels to find the answers for you and I can also help with your visions and interpret them for you.

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I believe in energy and miracles and I will help you raise your vibrations so you can tune into happiness and expect all the miracles you deserve.


Love and all relationships, financial matters, sadness and fear, family matters and career issues are areas that I have helped people with over the years. I have a great sense of intuition and can often look into the silence and emptiness of your soul and help you find the light and the true path for your soul to flourish.


●  Tarot Card Reader

●  Angel Guide

●  Akashic tarot reader

●  Expert in love and all relationships

●  Family Matters and Career Guide


My goal is to connect with you—mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally. I’ll be able to answer most questions you have. My energy is strong but pure, true to the heart, very insightful, and very detailed. There is no question too big or too small that I cannot answer. Let me help you find answers to your questions. I can promise an honest and kind reading as I will listen to you and your energy to help reveal your ultimate journey.

Let me help you find answers to your questions. I can promise an honest and kind reading as I will listen to you and your energy to help reveal your ultimate journey

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Hannah Vought6/13/2021, 6:19 PM
Houlèye6/13/2021, 5:26 PM

Thank you very much Gabriella for all. You are awesome!

Marcelle6/13/2021, 2:44 PM

Great to the point service, thank you!! x

marques6/13/2021, 9:21 AM

Great wealth of information into my current situation.

M6/12/2021, 2:40 PM
M6/12/2021, 2:04 PM
Tamika6/12/2021, 7:10 AM
Tamika6/12/2021, 7:04 AM
Ngozi6/11/2021, 2:34 PM
Keisha6/11/2021, 2:18 PM

Always a pleasure talking with this lady. She is the best on here.

JL6/11/2021, 11:51 AM

Thank you for your continued insight and support Gabriella!! ❤️

Emily6/11/2021, 10:31 AM
Kelley6/10/2021, 8:14 PM
Rachael6/10/2021, 7:08 PM
KetkeeA6/10/2021, 5:51 PM
Linda6/10/2021, 3:31 PM

Thanks for the updates and I am looking forward to the rest of the month and July.

Carol6/10/2021, 1:53 PM

Super awesome

Patrick Reeves6/10/2021, 1:00 PM

Grabriella was caring and straight to the point, you must have a reading with her for many reasons --> Accurate and doesn't waste your time, thank you

Marcelle6/10/2021, 11:48 AM

She is amazing, very much to the point with a lot of love and understanding!

Rachel6/10/2021, 11:29 AM
Noomi6/10/2021, 11:15 AM
anya6/10/2021, 9:28 AM
anya6/10/2021, 9:22 AM
Fernando Gylling6/10/2021, 8:59 AM

Amazing... Thank you for the love and guidance

InsightDelight6/9/2021, 3:03 PM

My go to... She's the best.

Abbigail Dorey6/9/2021, 2:31 PM

Sorry we got cut off, THANKYOU so much you've really helped me today xx

Tamika6/9/2021, 1:51 PM
anya6/9/2021, 8:16 AM
Ngozi6/8/2021, 5:39 PM
Brigitte6/8/2021, 5:08 PM
Kimikko6/8/2021, 1:45 PM

She’s wonderful and so understanding

Melinda6/8/2021, 9:59 AM
Kelley6/7/2021, 8:00 PM
Maria6/7/2021, 6:04 PM
Ziggy O'Reilly6/7/2021, 5:04 PM
Brenda woods6/7/2021, 1:43 PM
Amber6/7/2021, 12:15 PM
Alyssa6/7/2021, 11:20 AM
Raquel6/7/2021, 7:05 AM

Really loved this reading! <3

Tamika6/7/2021, 5:33 AM
Rachael6/4/2021, 2:08 PM
Janet Avegno6/4/2021, 12:59 PM


Melinda6/4/2021, 10:29 AM
anya6/4/2021, 9:48 AM
Sophia6/3/2021, 9:38 PM
Sierra6/3/2021, 4:50 PM

:D Amazing

Ema6/3/2021, 3:48 PM

2nd reading from Gabriella now. Extremely helpful and intuitive and has given me the guidance I needed. Thank you so much!

Shelly n Francis6/3/2021, 1:53 PM
Kelley6/3/2021, 1:25 PM
Vicki6/3/2021, 11:21 AM

Amazing. Quick. Helpful. 🙏