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Greetings! I am a highly experienced psychic with over 20 years of expertise in providing guidance and insight to individuals seeking assistance in matters of the heart and beyond. If you are looking for answers, solutions, or a fresh perspective on love and relationships, family dynamics, friendships, broken hearts, career choices, and more, look no further.

My psychic readings are designed to offer immediate clarity by delving into the depths of your past, present, and future. Through my intuitive abilities, I can tap into the energies surrounding you and provide you with valuable advice and guidance to navigate life's obstacles with confidence and wisdom.

When you seek my services, you can expect a genuine and honest approach. I am committed to providing you with the truth, even if it may not be what you want to hear. My readings are straightforward and free from sugarcoating, as I believe in empowering you with accurate insights that can lead you towards a brighter tomorrow.

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●  General life readings

●  Relationship Advice

●  Breaking Up & Divorce

●  Life path

● Dream Interpretation

●  Dating Advice


Allow me to explore your situation on a deeper level, unraveling the complexities and shedding light on the paths that lie ahead. With my psychic abilities, I can help you gain a deeper understanding of your current circumstances and provide you with the tools necessary to make informed decisions and create positive changes in your life.

Whether you are facing challenges in love, seeking harmony in your family life, yearning for supportive friendships, or searching for direction in your career, I am here to guide you. With compassion, empathy, and my psychic gifts, I can assist you in finding the answers you seek and offer you a sense of comfort and clarity.

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Hailey9/24/2023, 4:15 AM
Janet Avegno9/22/2023, 10:05 PM
Maria9/22/2023, 9:33 PM
Gg9/19/2023, 8:10 PM


Claudia9/19/2023, 6:48 PM
Asia9/18/2023, 1:30 AM

Isabella you connected fast and well. You are very intuitive and I appreciate your honest and kind insight. Thank you for your help with bringing me a little clarity.

Tea9/18/2023, 12:17 AM
Hang9/12/2023, 9:50 PM

She is a fast typist and responsive. I appreciate it. I was hoping she tell me that me and my ex were done so that I can completely close that chapter. Now my poor heart is holding onto sliver of hope. At least she said it’s not any time soon so that I can focus on myself. This is for whoever reads my review and needs to hear this. You may not always get closure but you can create your own. Thank you for the reading! Give her a try 🙂

Kimberly9/11/2023, 12:21 AM
Kimberly9/8/2023, 4:33 AM
Kimberly9/8/2023, 4:25 AM
Shelly9/8/2023, 1:15 AM


Barbara9/8/2023, 12:52 AM
Kimberly9/7/2023, 1:42 AM
Kimberly9/6/2023, 7:04 AM
Kimberly9/6/2023, 3:47 AM
Kimberly9/6/2023, 3:27 AM
Kimberly9/6/2023, 3:14 AM
Kimberly9/6/2023, 12:43 AM
Kimberly9/6/2023, 12:34 AM
Claudia9/5/2023, 11:41 PM
Maria9/2/2023, 12:00 AM
Shelly8/31/2023, 11:53 PM


Shelly8/28/2023, 2:03 AM


Courtney8/27/2023, 10:03 PM
Severine8/26/2023, 8:58 PM
BK8/26/2023, 2:27 AM

Fast, accurate and honest.

Shannon8/25/2023, 8:16 PM
Joanne8/24/2023, 1:41 AM

Always accurate and keeps its real good or bad.

mimi8/23/2023, 2:28 AM
whitney8/22/2023, 5:39 AM
A. J.8/22/2023, 4:26 AM
Natasha8/22/2023, 3:51 AM
Onix8/19/2023, 12:59 AM
SN8/17/2023, 7:47 PM
YJ8/17/2023, 6:28 PM
Joanne8/17/2023, 5:32 AM
Severine8/15/2023, 8:09 PM
Severine8/15/2023, 8:01 PM
Alex8/12/2023, 11:47 PM

Thank you so much Isabella for being so kind and honest with me 🙏🏼♥️

Lisa bramm8/3/2023, 8:44 PM
Nrfdfd8/3/2023, 7:24 PM

Doesn't hold back information. Long and detailed information

Trae8/3/2023, 6:47 PM

Very very detailed and honest!

Lynn8/3/2023, 5:31 AM
A.8/3/2023, 4:13 AM
Natasha8/3/2023, 3:54 AM
Lisa bramm8/2/2023, 10:13 PM


Tea8/1/2023, 12:09 AM
Robin kohler7/28/2023, 1:28 AM


Shay7/25/2023, 1:50 AM