High Priestess and intuitive healer.
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I am a High Priestess and intuitive healer. I offer virtual online spiritual coaching sessions. I am able to read the energy of both the living and those who have past on through traveling clairvoyance and/or remote perception.

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● General life readings

● Spirit guides

● Love & Relationships

● Family & Friends

● Money & Prosperity

● Animals


I am a Certified Spiritual Life Coach and Reiki Master Levels 1 and 2. I am Certified to work with both Humans and Animals. I obtained Certification in Human, Pets and Animal Reiki Energy Healing. I also obtained certification as an Intuitive Guide.. I channel and communicate with spirits with the assistance of my spirit guides. I will be relaying messages from each customer’s spirit guides and other spirits that come through during each session to give accurate answers to questions asked by each customer. I conduct several types of readings such as Pendulum readings, Tarot card readings, Oracle card readings, Numerology readings and Animal Communication readings.

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J5/23/2024, 3:49 PM
J5/23/2024, 3:37 PM
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Tracy5/20/2024, 8:41 PM


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J5/15/2024, 2:07 PM
Kristen5/15/2024, 1:39 PM

Very compassionate, kind and listened.

J5/15/2024, 10:14 AM
J5/15/2024, 10:04 AM
J5/14/2024, 6:57 PM
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J5/13/2024, 7:32 PM
J5/13/2024, 4:52 PM
dianne5/13/2024, 3:59 PM

She’s very good thank you for the free monies

J5/13/2024, 3:11 PM
J5/13/2024, 1:32 PM
J5/13/2024, 1:20 PM
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