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Hi! My name is Mary Jane, with experiences reading tarot for people all over the world who are in need of advice. I can also be your friend, if you feel lost and if you need guidance in the most pressuring situations, I'm here to listen and help you gain clarity. When I'm not doing readings, I used to read books, play with my pets, baking, cooking, and meditating.

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You are a co-creator of your own life along with the Universe, Use your freewill!


● Soulmates

● Twinflames


● LGBTQ2s relationship

● Career/finances

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Alexis9/25/2023, 1:46 AM

great. fast. and accurate.

Lisa9/24/2023, 4:29 AM
Lynn9/23/2023, 5:58 AM
Deborah9/23/2023, 4:17 AM
Robin kohler9/23/2023, 4:08 AM


Mel9/23/2023, 2:12 AM

This was amazing!!! Highly recommend

kristina9/23/2023, 1:51 AM

Thank you love! I enjoy our conversations with you ❤️ always and appreciate your wisdom 🙏

Alexis9/19/2023, 3:56 AM

great as always

Alex9/18/2023, 2:07 AM

Mary you are amazing, thank you for always being honest with me

kristina9/17/2023, 4:21 AM

Very fast , detailed. Love chatting with you always!

Uto9/17/2023, 2:27 AM
Tracey9/16/2023, 4:20 AM
Uto9/16/2023, 2:02 AM

You’re an absolute gift to this world, thank you for shining your light and using it to heal and inspire others. You’re truly a gem 💎 10/10 will recommend MJ! She’s really empathetic, honest and kind!

Shavon9/15/2023, 2:56 AM
Christine Dillon9/14/2023, 3:28 AM

Thanks 🙏 for the reading always a pleasure with accuracy and truth

Christine Dillon9/14/2023, 2:47 AM

Wonderful reading

Alexis9/11/2023, 3:52 AM
kristina9/11/2023, 2:58 AM

Above and beyond reading as always!

kindsoul9/10/2023, 3:55 AM
Melissa9/10/2023, 1:27 AM
dtd9/9/2023, 2:05 AM

Thank you

Lisa bramm9/9/2023, 1:34 AM

Ty ❤️ 💯

Silvia9/6/2023, 12:52 PM

Thank you for the reading it was nice to connect with you!

Lisa bramm9/3/2023, 11:13 AM

Ty ❤️ ❤️❤️❤️❤️💯💯💯💯💯💯

kristina9/3/2023, 4:36 AM

Thank you for all the details and perspectives love! You are truly gifted at what u do🥰

Madeleine9/3/2023, 2:26 AM

Lovely reader and truly gifted, thank you! :)

Alex9/2/2023, 2:17 AM
Tracey9/1/2023, 3:07 PM


lisa hsu9/1/2023, 2:23 AM
Kyja8/30/2023, 2:49 AM

She’s really accurate love her

Erin8/29/2023, 2:54 PM

I think Mary Jane is one of the top psychics, because she tunes into aspects no one else can

Erin8/29/2023, 2:34 PM
Erin8/27/2023, 3:52 AM
Lana8/26/2023, 3:18 PM

Thank you Mary Jane ❤️

mimi8/26/2023, 3:06 PM
Alexis8/26/2023, 1:41 PM
Luz Hernandez8/26/2023, 1:27 PM
Lisa bramm8/26/2023, 1:46 AM

Ty ❤️ ❤️❤️❤️

Lisa bramm8/23/2023, 10:44 AM

Ty ❤️ ❤️❤️❤️💯💯💯💯💯

Alex8/22/2023, 2:32 AM

Thank you Mary! ♥️♥️♥️

kristina8/18/2023, 4:14 AM

She is amazing! Answers questions super fast and to the point. I love details that she provides. Very fulfilling reading with lots of information

Melanie8/18/2023, 3:21 AM

thanks for the tuning in!... great typer and talented

Loving energy8/18/2023, 3:09 AM

Thank you 💕

Deborah8/18/2023, 2:39 AM

Thank you, ran out of funds, but you were very helpful tonight.

Lisa bramm8/17/2023, 2:37 AM

Ty ❤️ 💯

Lisa bramm8/17/2023, 2:29 AM


Lisa bramm8/17/2023, 2:14 AM
hina8/16/2023, 2:02 AM

thanks for the reading I hope that everything goes well

Lisa bramm8/15/2023, 2:49 AM


kristina8/15/2023, 2:13 AM

Love you girl! Thank you!