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Love and life. Possibilities and probabilities.
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Lisa1/19/2021, 4:57 AM
KC1/19/2021, 4:45 AM
Malia1/19/2021, 3:55 AM

Always such a great inspiring reading! Thank you 🌺

Jessica1/19/2021, 2:45 AM
anya1/19/2021, 2:15 AM
Greg Farris1/18/2021, 5:05 AM
Alisha1/18/2021, 4:19 AM
Kathleen1/17/2021, 4:44 AM

Good reading

Janee Neal1/17/2021, 4:15 AM
Alisha1/15/2021, 3:50 AM


KC1/15/2021, 3:37 AM

Soulful 🙏🏽

Binil1/14/2021, 7:32 AM
Megan1/14/2021, 4:07 AM

Christine Dillon1/14/2021, 3:43 AM
Jess1/14/2021, 2:23 AM

Very kind, honest, & had good energy!

mimi1/12/2021, 7:32 AM
Mary1/12/2021, 3:19 AM
Creshay1/11/2021, 3:42 AM
Ty1/11/2021, 3:19 AM

As always. A great reading!!!

Tamika1/11/2021, 2:30 AM
anya1/11/2021, 2:18 AM
Jashya1/10/2021, 4:01 AM

Direct and straight to the point. I appreciated that.

Tabitha1/10/2021, 3:49 AM

Very kind and insightful, has wonderful advice and i look forward

mimi1/10/2021, 2:51 AM
mimi1/10/2021, 2:27 AM
Megan1/9/2021, 4:41 AM
Alana1/9/2021, 4:33 AM
Lupe1/9/2021, 4:25 AM
Alana1/9/2021, 3:50 AM
Jamie1/9/2021, 2:39 AM
Madeleine1/8/2021, 3:23 AM

amazing and gifted reader! thank you xo

Tiffany1/8/2021, 3:15 AM

Amazing ♥️

Tiffany1/8/2021, 2:52 AM

Love her to pieces! She is the ultimate best.

Jess.A1/8/2021, 2:27 AM

So nice and kind, very honest too. Thank you!

Katherine1/8/2021, 1:42 AM
Tash1/7/2021, 3:58 AM
Beata1/7/2021, 3:52 AM
Beata1/7/2021, 3:44 AM
Tiffany1/7/2021, 2:59 AM

Wonderful, always turns my frowns upside down with positive insights and outcomes. Truly the best ♥️

Caroldeleon44@yahoo.com1/6/2021, 3:15 PM

Love her so honest and fast and accurate

Alana1/6/2021, 4:49 AM
Sarah1/5/2021, 9:42 AM
Malia1/5/2021, 8:35 AM

Ran out of time! Great reader and optimistic. Mahalo🌺

ppssttkop1/5/2021, 4:32 AM
anya1/5/2021, 2:49 AM
Desiree1/4/2021, 6:13 AM
Tamika1/4/2021, 4:13 AM
Steve1/4/2021, 3:42 AM
Tea1/4/2021, 2:31 AM
Tea1/4/2021, 2:25 AM

thank you Catriona