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Marlo7/8/2020, 11:42 PM
Angela7/5/2020, 1:03 AM

She was great and honest and on point .

sara aronfeld7/5/2020, 12:04 AM

she truly provided me with peace of mind.

Amber7/4/2020, 8:15 PM

Peace of mind. Thank you!

Butterflies7/4/2020, 7:36 PM
Janie6/30/2020, 8:24 PM

So very helpful in identifying energy sources and creating awareness about the energy being put out there, she’s very gifted and professional. Highly recommend!

Jennifer6/28/2020, 3:07 PM
Shaekelia Butler6/28/2020, 1:54 PM
Malia6/28/2020, 10:30 AM

She’s not judge mental and always on the right track. Mahalo for your insight. 🥰

Heather J Payne6/26/2020, 12:09 PM
Amy6/26/2020, 10:18 AM

Answered my question with honesty and was straight to the point! Thank you very much!

Janie6/25/2020, 12:04 PM
Janie6/20/2020, 12:32 PM
Inez6/19/2020, 4:26 PM
Arnajah6/19/2020, 12:52 AM

When someone ask you a time when will something happen. A real psychic response Wouldn’t be “months of this year” I don’t feel like she connected to me at all

lulu6/17/2020, 2:54 PM
Emina6/16/2020, 2:18 PM
Line6/14/2020, 6:22 PM
Shradha6/11/2020, 4:32 PM
Anita6/10/2020, 5:16 PM
Emina6/8/2020, 12:08 AM
Emina6/7/2020, 10:44 PM
Krista6/6/2020, 10:58 PM
Emina6/6/2020, 7:25 PM
Barbara6/6/2020, 1:23 AM
Aussie6/6/2020, 12:12 AM
Georgee2226/1/2020, 10:46 PM
Emina6/1/2020, 2:07 PM
Deborah5/31/2020, 2:13 PM

A very intuitive reader that absorbs energy quickly and speaks truthfully and honestly. I felt very comfortable and confident with her insights. Will definitely be back soon.

Kelsey Potter5/30/2020, 12:27 PM

Thank you.

Christi5/28/2020, 12:26 AM

Amazing insight and very much appreciated!!

Christi5/28/2020, 12:03 AM

Thank you so very much for the amazing insight!!!

jahquise5/27/2020, 5:25 PM

Was very helpful Thank you for giving me answers and the advise

Ashley B5/27/2020, 3:53 PM
Brenda5/25/2020, 11:51 PM
Malia5/25/2020, 12:53 AM

Great insight!

Courtney5/25/2020, 12:14 AM

Reading was ok it was no real effort into it

Blue Lotus5/24/2020, 11:58 PM
Steve5/24/2020, 7:21 PM
Hope14285/24/2020, 2:13 PM

Thank you!

Emina5/23/2020, 11:16 PM
Bernie5/23/2020, 10:32 PM
Noelle gillis5/20/2020, 11:47 PM

Excellent reading!

Mikell5/20/2020, 10:12 PM

She was great but i had bad service so i had to end the chat didnt want to waste my mins waiting to connect.. ☹

Melissa5/19/2020, 11:18 PM
mimi5/19/2020, 12:08 PM
Lina5/19/2020, 11:20 AM
Kdes5/19/2020, 10:15 AM
Debra5/19/2020, 1:01 AM
Casandralynn5/18/2020, 9:24 PM

every informative and helpful helped me more secure in my desition