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Discovering compatibility through Zodiac signs can offer profound insights into your relationships.


Find out how compatible you and your special someone will be based on your zodiac signs.

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Have you ever wondered why some relationships clash while others click effortlessly?

Our zodiac compatibility calculator serves as your guide through the cosmic puzzle, deciphering the language of the stars to illuminate your relationships—both past and future. Consider it your celestial compass on the journey of love.

Whether you're beginning a new romance or seeking clarity on current or past relationships, our free zodiac compatibility calculator provides you with valuable insights. Delve into the complex dynamics between zodiac signs and uncover deeper levels of compatibility beyond surface impressions.

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What Does The Zodiac Sign Compatibility Calculator Use To Score Each Pairing?

Our compatibility calculator takes into account a range of factors, from the personality traits of each star sign to their interests and hobbies, to assign a compatibility percentage that you can use to understand how compatible you and your inputted sign are likely to be.

Some of the things that we look at include:

  • Characteristics of each sign: In looking at the characteristics of each Zodiac sign, we can get a better understanding of how likely a pairing is to get on, and how each sign's traits and characteristics can complement each other or clash.
  • Communication: By considering how each sign communicates, we can tell if they are likely to run into communication challenges throughout their relationship. We assign a weak, moderate or strong scoring to each sign and see how they match up.
  • Sex and intimacy: Everyone knows how important sex and intimacy is in a successful romantic relationship. So, we also look at how conservative, open-minded and/or adventurous each sign in a Zodiac pairing is to infer how this might impact their relationship.
  • Interests and hobbies: How do couples bond and become closer? Often by sharing interests and hobbies! This is why we consider what kind of activities each Zodiac sign in a pair enjoys: slow-paced, moderate-paced, or fast-paced activities.
  • Trust and loyalty: Finally, any relationship (be it a personal one or a business/work relationship) relies on a good degree of trust and loyalty. However, this means different things to different people and signs. So, we also measure how compatible each sign in a Zodiac pairing is when it comes to trust and loyalty (low compatibility, moderate compatibility, and/or highly compatible).

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How To Use The Zodiac Compatibility Calculator

We have made our compatibility calculator quick and easy to use, simply follow the steps below and find out your compatibility percentage!

  1. Input your name
  2. Select your gender
  3. Select your Zodiac sign
  4. Input your partner's name
  5. Select their gender
  6. Select their Zodiac sign
  7. Click ‘Reveal Zodiac Compatibility’
  8. Find out how compatible your Zodiac pairing is

See, we told you we’d made it easy!

Applications of Your Zodiac Compatibility Percentage

Successful relationships, be they personal or professional, are built on understanding the other person and successful communication.

Knowing how you and your partner may complement each other and clash will help you navigate your relationship in the best way possible. This knowledge will help you have more empathy and understanding in your relationships, and better understand the underlying dynamics within it.

Which Zodiac Signs Can I Match With The Calculator?


March 20—April 19

Symbolized by the ram, Aries is a Fire sign ruled by Mars. Its core traits include passion, motivation, and confidence.


April 19—May 20

Taurus is an Earth sign represented by the bull and ruled by the planet of Venus. The sign’s core traits include being quiet, loyal, and hardworking.


May 20—June 20

Gemini is represented by the twins and ruled by Mercury. It is a positive, mutable sign, with core traits including wit, excitability, and adaptability.


June 20—July 22

Most often symbolized as a crab, Cancer is ruled by the Moon. People with this sign are known for being emotional, nurturing, and highly intuitive.


July 22—August 22

Associated with Fire, the Leo is often represented by the mythological Nemean lion. This zodiac sign is known for its stability, loyalty, and consistency.


August 22—September 22

Virgo is an Earth sign ruled by the planet Mercury, symbolized by a virgin maiden. Common traits include being logical, practical, and systematic.


September 22—October 22

Libra is the seventh sign in the zodiac, ruled by Venus and symbolized by the Scales of Justice. It is known for being compassionate, empathetic, and diplomatic.


October 22—November 21

Scorpio is a Water sign ruled by Pluto. Symbolized by a scorpion, people under this sign are typically known to be strong, assertive, and independent.


November 21—December 21

Commonly associated with the Archer symbol, Sagittarius is a Fire sign ruled by Jupiter. Core traits include being lively, passionate, and intelligent.


December 21—January 19

Capricorn, ruled by the planet Saturn, is an Earth sign represented by a sea goat. This sign is known to be ambitious, determined, and loyal.


January 20—February 19

Ruled by Uranus, Aquarius is a fixed Air sign often symbolized by a water carrier. The sign’s core traits include being intelligent, analytical, and methodical.


February 19—March 20

Pisces, a Water sign, is symbolized by two fish. People with this sign are known for being creative, empathetic, and generous.