Are there real psychics?8/19/2018, 10:00 PM

Are there real psychics? We've all asked ourselves this question.

People often ask: are there any real psychics out there? Simple answer: yes. Truth is it’s a complicated matter. Real Psychics exist, there is absolutely no doubt about that. Yet the question remains an interesting one to answer.

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Why do so many people out there question the existence of legitimate psychics capable of giving accurate psychic readings ? Why is this even a question? I want to take this opportunity to tackle these questions. First I want to demonstrate that Psychics exists and that they are real. Like the air we breathe, the sun, stars and cosmos or the earth under our feet. Then I want to address the question of scepticism, where it originates and why the term psychic is often, wrongfully so in my opinion, associated with malafide practices and sham.

The first step in the process of demonstrating the existence of psychics is to define a psychic. What qualifies someone as a person with psychic powers, abilities or skills? Why do some people possess these skills and others don’t.


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What is a psychic?

According to the Cambridge dictionary, a psychic is a person:

Having a special mental ability, for example so that you are able to know what will happen in the future or know what people are thinking.


The Collins defines a psychic as:

“Psychic means relating to ghosts and the spirits of the dead.”


Both sources are considered institutions in providing semantic definitions in the English language, yet as you will notice both definitions are very different. Several concepts (quite different ones) are highlighted in both definitions, there are notions of:

  • Mental Abilities
  • Predicting the future
  • Know what others think
  • Ghosts and spirits of the dead


Whatever your idea of a Psychic was before reading this it most probably matches on of these definitions. However it is fair to say that there are many uncorrelated and vague concepts in these definitions. Reading both these snippets/definitions does not clarify any confusion or doubts anyone may have about WHAT IS A PSYCHIC? It actually, I would argue, makes it even more confusing. Are you psychic when you have mental abilities (which mental abilities)? When you can predict the future (can anyone really predict the future)? Is life worth living if it’s all written in stone? Because that’s what it means right? If you know what will happen, well then, let’s face it, you cannot steer, change, correct, improve your life. Really?

Maybe we should take a step back. Psychic refers to the psyche, this in turns refers to the human mind or soul. A psychic is thus if you take the definition literally:


A person that can connect to and with the human mind and soul.


How does it connect? Can it control the mind and soul - steer it? Does it know where the human mind and soul is “heading”? What is this psychic ability?

You could point out that I answer a lot of questions with more questions and that this is not clarifying much. I would have to agree. The truth is that there is no such thing as simple / single definition of psychic. But we can exclude some misconceptions from the definitions I listed before. Having psychic abilities does not mean that you can predict the future or know exactly what will happen tomorrow.

Psychics could not have prevented 9/11 or tell you who will win the Super Bowl in 2020, what next month’s lottery numbers will be or where and when the next terrorist attack will take place.

People with Psychic powers or abilities can connect to the human mind and soul of other individuals in ways many of us can’t. This gift is acquired at birth and simply cannot be trained if you do not have the right predispositions. It’s an intuitive sense or ability. Hence, the frequent use of the terminology intuitive, or psychic intuitive. Although real and qualified psychics can connect to the soul, mind and emotions of third parties, psychics cannot tap into someone they are not connected with and “read their mind”. This cliché often relayed in movies and popular culture portrays Psychics as delusional and confused individuals that read and control the mind of people at random or at the request of someone else. This is, obviously, silly and not how psychics go to work or how they use or express their abilities.


Do real Psychics exist?

Yes. Real psychics exist. If you do not take my word for it, you can find hundreds if not thousands of accounts on the web of people from all walks of life relating their experience with a psychic medium, psychic intuitive or clairvoyant. Like in this account from the Huffington post which relates stories from nine different people who have all been in contact with a psychic and who have experienced the authenticity of psychic powers. Besides the numerous personal stories you will find online, there are many accounts over the course of history and across the four corners of the earth of real psychics giving accurate and useful insights to people who have dared to go over their apprehensions and accepted to be “read” by a psychic. The mystic psychic Baba Vanga from Bulgaria is one such example, but there are many more, like Edgar Cayce, Madame Blavatsky, Count Alessandro di Cagliostro, Mother Shipton, or the world famous Michel de Nostreame, better known as Nostradamus.


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If there are real psychics why then are there so many sceptics?

The answer to this question is simple. Addressing questions of the psyche, how they affect us in the decisions we make. Identifying what caused us to be where we are and where we are heading is first of all an imperfect science. Just like psychoanalysis. Besides this, sensing where we are headed in life based on where we are today, which is what a lot of qualified psychics can determine, is also an imperfect science. It’s just not black and white. The fact that psychic predictions and advice is non-binary opens the door to both human or should I say psychic error as well as to charlatans. Charlatans are people who claim to have psychic abilities but don’t and do so in order to exploit poor souls in the hope of making money in the process. Charlatans cause a lot of damage to the work and healing abilities of real and qualified psychics as they embarrass the entire mystic community with their unholy practices. They also reinforce the argumentation of the sceptic community that is always lurking around the corner to use scammers to back their claim that psychics and psychic powers are fake.


About sceptics

When addressing sceptics in north America one name often comes to mind: James Randi. He was the Canadian-American co-founder of the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry (also known as CSI), a former stage entertainer (he made a living a magician) that frequently and publicly challenged people with extrasensory perceptions and paranormal gifts. James Randi himself was accused of many hoaxes and unorthodox tricks to make a profit during his extensive and rich career. You can read some of these stories in this 2014 Telegraph article titled: debunking the king of the debunkers. What transpires from this article and others you can find online about master sceptic James Randi, is that attacking psychics, condemning pseudoscience was part of his trade. He was not so much concerned about debunking psychics as making money doing it. Does this mean there is no reason to doubt the authenticity of psychics? No, as I explained there is plenty of arguments to doubt the legitimacy and authenticity of many psychics out there, both online and in practices. Many individuals claiming to have senses simply do not possess psychic powers but entice others in believing they do so that they can make money off their backs.


Finding real psychics

We set out to answer the question: are there real psychics? The answer is undoubtedly yes. However when deciding to consult one, in a practice or online, always be vigilant. Make sure the psychic in question has good reviews. Make sure the reviews are real. Look for a site that has curated the psychic experts available on their website, like we do at Psychic World.

Also, once you decide to get a real psychic chat reading or to a call a psychic for the very first time in your life, make sure you know why you want to talk to a qualified psychic. Make sure you have a list of questions ready to address with your psychic expert. If you don’t know where to start, read this post.

If you are ready and open for it you will experience by yourself the life-changing and healing power of a session with a real psychic.

Don’t take my word for it.


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