Popular Instagram Psychics & What they Earn?

Mediums and Psychics are just some of the popular jobs in a growing industry, particularly in the uncertain times we live in. Indeed, some people may feel they want assurances and a Medium/Psychic could be just what they need.

PsychicWorld wanted to investigate the most popular Mediums and Psychics in the world by sourcing the top 10 from Instagram, with the highest followers. Psychic World then ran each account through the influencer marketing hub’s earnings calculator to estimate how much they could make per post.

Who are the most popular mediums and psychics in the world?

The results

1.  Theresa Caputo

The most popular psychic on our list is American medium Theresa Caputo, best known for the TLC reality series ‘Long Island Medium.’ Caputo topped our list with a massive 1.2 million Instagram followers. It is estimated Caputo earns $2,441 / £2,058 to $4,069 / £3,430 per Instagram post.

2. Tyler HenryPsychic Tyler Henry

Clairvoyant Tyler Henry is runner up on our list, with the star of Hollywood Medium having 602,000 followers on Instagram. It is estimated Henry could earn between $1,798 / £1,515 to $2,996 / £2,525 for each post. 

3. Chris Riley

In third place is Chris Riley, who has 337,000 followers. The British medium can also expect to make between $1,009 / £850 and $1,681 / £1,416 per post. 

4. Phil Good

Phil Good, an American spiritualist, is fourth on our list with 186,000 followers and an estimated earning of up to $931 / £784.

5. ActivationVibration

@Activationvibration, a self-described ‘cosmic channel’ is fifth on our list with 126,000 followers on Instagram and earns $380 / £320 to $633 / £533 per post. Read more: are there real psychics?

6. Sally Morgan

Brit Sally Morgan, also known as ‘Psychic Sally’, made it to sixth on our list with her 106,000 followers. Morgan has  estimated earnings of $318 / £268 - $530 / £446 per post.

7. Chip Coffey 

In seventh place is American Chip Coffey, who has appeared on various TV shows such as Paranormal State and Psychic Kids. He has 103,000 followers and earns $311 / £262 to $518/  £438 per post.

Psychic World’s list also includes an Astrologer who made her fame on YouTube.

8. Stargirl the Practical Witch 

Stargirl the Practical Witch came in at a commendable eighth place, considering her main platform is video based, she can expect to make an estimated $325 / £275 to $541 / £459.

9. Colette Baron Reid 

Colette Baron Reid is ninth on our list with 53,000 followers, making up to $351 / £298 per post. Just 400 followers behind ninth place Reid is: 

A person wearing a suit and tieDescription automatically generated10. James Van Praagh 

James Van Praagh, who came 10th with 52,600 followers, and estimated earnings of $209 / £177 to $349 / £296 per Instagram post.


These vast numbers of followers show just how popular mediums and psychics are around the world, and the money that can be made from being a spiritual influencer!



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